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Samsung Notebook 9 Pro Launched
Samsung has just announced the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro, a laptop that exists in both 13.3” and 15” versions. With these models, Samsung is adopting a 360 degree multimode PC approach that is now proven, and even expected in some market. The Notebook 9 Pro also comes with Samsung’s S-Pen which is fully supported by Windows Ink.

Intel Launches Compute Card With New Partners
When it comes to upgrading our gadgets, most of the time it involves us just buying a new one, unless you have a desktop computer in which you can swap out components. However this was a problem that Intel tried to solve earlier this year with the Compute Card and at Computex this year, the company has finally launched it alongside some new partners.

Corsair Unveils New K68 Waterproof Mechanical Keyboard
Let’s be honest, as much as we probably shouldn’t get food or drinks near our computers, a lot of do that. We drink in front of our computers, we eat in front of our computers, and so on. This means that if you do spill stuff, it can lead to some of your equipment getting spoilt, but Corsair is hoping that won’t happen with the K68.

New Western Digital SSDs Offer More Capacity And Speed
Western Digital today announced the launch of two new SSD lineups. It’s not surprising even though Western Digital is best known for its hard drives. That’s because the company acquired SanDisk for $19 billion last year, and SanDisk has quite a lot of experience in making SSDs. The two lineups are branded under Western Digital and SanDisk each and are the first SSDs to be based on SanDisk’s 64 layer […]


Wireless HTC Vive VR Headset Coming Next Year
The HTC Vive is one of the most popular full-fledged tethered virtual reality headsets out there. It has done quite well for itself ever since it was launched over a year ago. Given that it’s a tethered headset, users have to put up with a couple of cables while enjoying an experience in virtual reality. HTC has revealed at Computex 2017 that there’s going to be a wireless HTC Vive […]

ASUS ZenScreen USB Monitor Has A Sick Design
If you’re going to be in the market for a portable USB monitor, you might want to check out what ASUS brought to the show floor at Computex 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan. The company is known for being adventurous with its product design and that’s precisely how it has been with the ZenScreen. It’s a slick portable monitor with a sick design, what more could you ask for?

8th Generation Intel Processors Will Be 30% Faster Than 7th Gen
Intel confirmed earlier this year that its 8th generation processors will be built on the 14 nanometer process yet again. It’s the fourth time in a row that the company has stuck to this process for its new lineup of chips. The company didn’t really say then what the improvements were going to be but it did claim a 15 percent performance improvement over the existing 7th Generation of Core […]

Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop Balances Affordability And Performance
Dell owns the Alienware lineup of high-end gaming PCs but its latest desktop is not a new addition to the lineup. It has actually been branded as the Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop. Announced at Computex 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan, the Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop seeks to balance affordability and performance so that customers get the most bang for their buck.

Intel’s New Core X High-End Processors Feature Core i9 Models
It has long been reported that Intel is going to expand its Core processor lineup to offer Core i9 models to customers who want even more performance. It has finally done that today. Intel announced its new family of high-end Core X desktop processors today at Computex 2017. The new family brings more powerful models of the existing Core i5 and Core i7 models as well as a new Core […]

Dell Unveils Ryzen-Powered Upgradable Inspiron 27 7000 PC
Dell unveiled its new Inspiron 27 700 all-in-one PC at Computex 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan today. It’s the first product of its kind from Dell that’s powered by AMD’s latest Ryzen processors. It also strays from the locked-down nature of conventional AiOs by offering customers the ability to upgrade the internal components as and when required.

NVIDIA Max-Q Design For Thin Gaming Laptops
Most think of Gaming Laptops as thick and heavy -but powerful- computers. It has been historically true that gaming-capable laptops had to sacrifice mobility and design, for performance, but this time is over thanks to the NVIDIA Max-Q design, which aims at extracting the best performance from the components, but at the most efficient point, thus leaving the notion of “absolute performance” (at any cost) behind.

New ARM Processors Have Been Built For Powering Artificial Intelligence
ARM has arrived at Computex 2017 with a couple of new smartphone processors that it has developed with the express purpose of powering artificial intelligence-based solutions on mobile devices. That’s not surprising at all given that artificial intelligence is in vogue these days and as the industry makes a shift towards this technology, we can expect companies like ARM to follow suit as well.

ASUS Announces Blue Cave WiFi Router
[Computex 2017] There are many WiFi routers available in the market today, but it seems that ASUS has decided that they should come up with something a little more unique in terms of design and features, and have since taken the wraps off their latest WiFi router in the form of the ASUS Blue Cave.

ASUS VivoBook S And VivoBook Pro Laptops Launched
[Computex 2017] ASUS just announced a bunch of new laptops, but some of these laptops are over the $1,000 mark which makes them out of reach for shoppers on a budget, or for those who don’t really see the need to spend so much on a computer. If that’s you fret not because ASUS also has some lower-priced offerings.