MountMe X-MeMountMe – the company behind the versatile Freedom and Freedom II cases for iPad tablets has decided to take its expertise and experience in mounting tablets over to the console market. It has just announced the launch of the X-Me – a mounting system that lets you mount your video game console anywhere; be it your bedroom wall or the back seat of your car, the X-Me is touted to make mounting any console you own a safe and hassle-free affair.

Built from high quality acrylics, a non-slip base and durable security straps, the MountMe X-Me is designed to keep your console steady and secure no matter where it is. It is designed to hold your Wii, Xbox, PlayStation, and pretty much any console that can fit within the brackets of the accessory. So if there’s no space on your shelf or on your floors at home, or you want to add a console to your car, but don’t need it to be permanent – the MountMe X-Me is just for you.

It is available now for $69.99 from the MountMe website.

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