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BMW is not the only car company that’s working on integrating Cortana in its cars. Nissan is doing something similar. As part of its current partnership with Microsoft through the Renault-Nissan Alliance, the Japanese car maker is working with Microsoft on integrating its Cortana personal digital assistant in its cars. Cortana will be baked into the new Connected Vehicle Platform that Nissan is developing.


Microsoft has been working with different car manufacturers to expand the reach of its software and services to cars. A partnership with Volvo is going to put Skype inside its cars while future partnerships will focus on Microsoft’s office services, business applications, and more for the car.

The new platform that’s being built will be used to power advanced navigation features, provide users with enhanced predictive maintenance features, remote monitoring features, and more. As part of this partnership, Nissan is going to directly integrate Cortana in its cars.

Cortana is certainly not the only hot commodity that car manufacturers are chasing after. Its rival digital assistants are equally in demand. Volkswagen confirmed at CES 2017 that it’s going to integrate Amazon Alexa while Daimler and Hyundai are going with the Google Assistant.

Expect to see more of such partnerships to materialize later this year.

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