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Cuphead Is Now Available For The PS4
Yesterday it was reported that Studio MDHR’s indie hit Cuphead could be headed for the PS4. This was due to the fact that the game was spotted on the PSN Store, hinting at its arrival. The good news for those who have been looking forward to the game is that it looks like Cuphead is officially here and is already available for purchase.

Cuphead Could Be Headed For The PS4
When Cuphead was launched, it was initially exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbox and Windows platforms. However, the good news for non-Xbox gamers is that if you own a PS4 and were hoping to see the game released for your console, you might be pleased to learn that your wish could be granted.

Cuphead Sells 5 Million Copies, Celebrates With 20% Discount
There have been many indie games released over the past few years, but Cuphead has managed to capture the attention of many due to its old school graphics and gameplay, making it reminiscent of the side-scrollers that a lot of us grew up with, as well as cartoons from the 1980s with its graphics and music.

Netflix Developing 'Cuphead' Animated Series
Cuphead is a challenging indie game that has proven to be quite popular in recent years. It has developed its very own cult following so much so that Tesla is now releasing a Cuphead game for its in-car display. So it doesn’t come as a surprise to hear that Netflix is now developing an animated series for Cuphead.


Studio MDHR Delays Cuphead’s DLC Until 2020
At E3 2019 last month, Studio MDHR, the developer of popular indie game Cuphead, announced a new DLC in the form of The Delicious Last Course. The game was originally scheduled for a release in 2019, but in a post made on its Facebook page, the studio has since announced that the DLC has been delayed to 2020.

Cuphead Co-Op Gameplay Shown Off On The Nintendo Switch
The other day, much to the surprise and delight of gamers, indie darling Cuphead was officially announced for the Nintendo Switch. The game was previously exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbox platform as far as consoles are concerned (it is also playable on PC), so safe to say that this was a very nice surprise for non-Xbox gamers who also wanted to play the game.

Xbox Exclusive Cuphead Could Be Coming To The Nintendo Switch
Cuphead has to be one of the more popular and challenging indie games launched in recent years. Unfortunately for the most part, it is only available on the PC and for consoles, it is an exclusive to the Xbox platform by Microsoft. It was unclear if there were plans to eventually bring the game to other platforms, but now it seems that we have some hope.

Indie Title Cuphead Sells 3 Million Copies Worldwide
Despite having been announced a while ago, indie darling Cuphead only managed to launch last year. However it seems that all the wait was worth it because according to its developer, the game has since managed to go on and sell 3 million units worldwide, and to celebrate that milestone, they are having a sale.

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course DLC Announced For 2019
Back in 2015, Studio MDHR announced their upcoming indie title Cuphead. The game took a while to be released and was only made available late last year. The good news for those who managed to complete the game, you’ll be pleased to learn that during E3 2018, a new DLC has been announced for the game dubbed “The Delicious Last Course”.

Apple Refunding Customers Who Purchased Fake ‘Cuphead’ Game
The other day it was reported that a fake copy of Studio MDHR’s popular indie game Cuphead had found its way onto the iTunes App Store, where the game not only looked pretty convincing in its listing and screenshots, but also had a website that mimicked the developer’s own website.

Fake ‘Cuphead’ Game Has Found Its Way Onto The iTunes App Store
Chances are even if you don’t play many video games, you have heard of the indie darling “Cuphead” that was released earlier this year. The game has received massively positive reviews and we suppose could be considered one of the hit games released in 2017, so safe to say it is much in demand.