If you’re looking for a good bargain for a gadget chances are that there are so many sources available online that you don’t know where to begin, since different sites price the items at various prices, sometimes going over the retail price while sometimes going below it’s hard to get a gauge of what’s a good price and what isn’t. Thanks to a new start-up, the Shopobot, getting the best prices you possibly can for the gadget that you want is now a more attainable goal.The website was funded Google Ventures and AOL Ventures and was only publicly launched on Thursday. How Shopobot works is that you can select certain items that you want it to track and receive alerts when the price reaches a certain threshold, which we assume you can set. The Shopobot also provides recommendations as to where you may be able to find the item for the cheapest price, for example what could have been cheap on Amazon last week is now cheaper at Newegg.

Some items do not move that much in price such as Apple products but the good thing about Shopobot is that it will also give you prices on used items, such as refurbished Apple products for example. Shopobot also gets its prices by crawling through the websites of major retailers several times a day looking out for popular items, that way it ensures that they are getting you the best prices. Unfortunately Shopobot does not include eBay in its list but if the rest of it sounds interesting then just head on down to Shopobot’s website for more information and sign up today.

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