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Everybody loves deals, but don’t you just hate it when you’re given discounts to stuff you don’t need? It’s almost as bad as receiving spam. Well, the folks over at Loopt have come up with a solution called u-Deals. Instead of being subjected to receiving discounts for things you don’t want, u-Deals gives you the power to make your own deals instead.

How does u-Deals work? Well, firstly you run the app, which you then select the location where you want the deal (your favorite place to shop, a new restaurant you’ve always wanted to try out but have been put off by the prices), and then you create the deal. The deal is then submitted to Loopt for review. If it is approved by Loopt, users will then get to share the deal with all of their friends (the more friends that take part, the better).

Loopt will then contact the business with the u-Deal details. The business will then get to approve the deal. If it is approved, the deal is then on for the user and all of his/her friends that the deal was shared with. Some deals will also remain open for a limited time for additional users to buy in.

It sure sounds like an interesting concept that could be pulled off very well, provided that users create reasonable deals and businesses agree to approve them as well. The service kicks off today with the Loopt Android app (other platforms coming soon) in the San Francisco Bay Area. Watch a video of how this works:

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