[DEMO Spring 2011] ShowUhow is a very interesting application that has been around for some times, offering a series of on-demand, video-based product guides, distributed via Smartphone, web, and social media. At DEMO, ShowUhow launched its QR code feature for its iPhone application, allowing consumers to scan a product’s QR code directly on the package to access the series of guides and “how to” from their ShowUhow iPhone application. It is possible to use the product’s bar code as well.
Vintage Tub & Bath, Vintagetub.com an online retailer specializing in vintage home fixtures, will be one of the first manufacturers to launch ShowUhow’s new QR Code into their pre-sale education process.
ShowUhow is very useful for people who need a step by step installation tutorial for various appliances and consumer electronics products. This is really cool, it will help lots of consumers and get them to use more gadgets without being afraid of the installation process! Check the video to see how you can use it.

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