Rogue Drones Disrupt Flights Taking Off From London’s Gatwick Airport

There are reasons why drones aren’t allowed to fly near airports. This is because much like how birds that fly into the engine of a plane can prove to be destructive, the same can be said for drones. In fact recently there was a report of how a drone might have collided mid-air with a plane, causing damage to the nose of the aircraft, although thankfully that was the extent […]

Boeing 737 Passenger Jet Might Have Collided With Drone Midair

There is a reason why regulators have banned drones from being flown around airports. This is because while we’re sure it will be cool to take some videos and photos of planes taking off and landing from the perspective of a drone, it might end up being a bit dangerous as an inexperienced pilot might accidentally fly too close.

Sensor-Wearing Bees Can Help Farmers Monitor Crop Health

Drones are useful as tools for surveillance due to their ability to be piloted remotely. However the only downside to drone technology, at least right now in the state that it’s in, is battery life. For the most part drones can’t fly for too long before needing a recharge, which can be a bit disruptive during the course of work.

NYPD Announces Plans To Start Using Drones

The use of robots in law enforcement is pretty well-documented, where such robots are used to help diffuse bombs and to scout ahead in dangerous situations. Now it seems that the NYPD will be adding drones to their arsenal in which the drones will be used in a variety of situations, ranging from hostage situations to hazardous material incidents.


DRONE VOLT Launches Its New HERCULES 20 Heavy Lift Drone

The drones that most of us are familiar with usually come from companies such as DJI or Parrot, where for the most part they are typically used for photography/videography. However given that we’re starting to see more companies start to consider using drones for deliveries, this means that different types of drones will be required.

First Worldwide Standards For Drones Have Been Unveiled

Imagine a world where every country used a different set of measurements for weight, volume, size, and so on. That would be extremely confusing, wouldn’t it? That’s one of the issues surrounding drone legislation, where different countries have different rules and regulations when it comes to drone operational procedures.

Foldable Hover 2 Drone Features Advanced Obstacle Avoidance

The Hover Camera Passport foldable drone was launched a couple of years ago and it was very well received. The successor has now been unveiled. Hover 2 retains the foldable form factor of its predecessor and also comes with advanced obstacle avoidance. Like its predecessor, it’s meant to be a selfie drone that’s used best for taking pictures of you against stunning backdrops.

MIT Develops Drones That Can Help Search & Rescue Missions

The concept of using drones to help locate people who are lost isn’t exactly new. This is because drones can be deployed easily and can high above ground, and their built-in cameras also means that they can be used to help spot people who are missing and who might be in trouble.

Some DJI Matrice 200 Drones Are Falling Out Of The Sky

Just like how there are some people who fear that their plane will suddenly stop and fall from the sky, there are some who are worried about drones as well. Given that some of these drones are heavy, clearly having them fall on you or a random stranger from a great height is a danger that’s hard to ignore.

Delair To Acquire Drone Startup Airware’s Assets

When it comes to drones, you might think of brands such as DJI who has rightfully cemented their place in market as being one of the leading consumer-grade drone makers. However if you’re a business looking for drones that can be used for commercial purposes, such as for inspections, site surveying, and more, Delair might be a company that comes to mind.

DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Drone Unveiled

When it comes to drones, there are so many different types of drones to choose from. These drones range from being palm-sized used for fun, to larger models used for photography and videography, then even larger models that are used for industrial purposes, which DJI has recently unveiled in the form of the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise.

Uber Could Be Eyeing 2021 Launch Of Drone Food Delivery Service

With UberEATS, Uber has gone from a mere ride hailing service to a service that also delivers food to customers, taking advantage of its infrastructure and also its drivers. However it seems that the company could be thinking of expanding on those services by potentially using drones to deliver food.

This 4D Gravity Drone Comes With Impressive Stabilization

#CEATEC2018 – Using drone to shoot videos is becoming increasingly common these days where due to the ease of access to consumer drones, even amateurs and hobbyists can shoot video footage using drones. However piloting a drone can be tricky, let alone achieve stable footage, and this is something Aeronekt seems to have solved with their 4D Gravity technology.

New Bill Will Allow US Authorities To Shoot Down Private Drones

Just like all pieces of technology, how it is used depends on the user, where some might use it for good, while others use it for nefarious purposes. Drones are a good example of this, where some might use them for aerial photography and videography, while others make themselves a nuisance by spying on their neighbors and going to places they shouldn’t.