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iRiver Story HD has built-in Web browser
Yes sir, don’t look so surprised. Sometimes, hardware manufacturers tend to stash away an Easter egg somewhere just to tease users, and it is also a good marketing ploy since something like this will definitely stoke the interest of the purchasing public. The iRiver Story HD is one of those devices, sporting a Web browser inside, but you will need to jump through a fair number of hoops and perform […]

Nook Touch comes with hidden Web browser
Now lookee here, it seems that the new Barnes & Noble Nook Touch e-reader device does have its very own Web browser, and to top it all off, accessing it is a whole lot easier than most people would think – there is no need to root the new Nook Touch, as the Web browser itself is hidden within the search feature. No idea on when Barnes & Noble intended […]

Talking Augmented Easter Egg
Easter’s coming soon, and with the celebration, you know that eggs will be one of the main features, where kids hunt around for Easter eggs (while the more grown up ones prefer those that are tucked away in software). How about making the egg hunts more fun as kids revel in their collection? We’re looking at the Talking Augmented Easter Egg app from Irregular Apps, a company that might be […]

Ribbon Hero is a hoot
istartedsomething’s Long Zheng managed to perform some digital forensics and stumbled upon a trademark application filed by Microsoft last November, where it describes Ribbon Hero as a “computer software for training users to use business application software; and computer game software for use in computer user training.” Unfortunately for what could be a fun and interesting application, Ribbon Hero doesn’t seem any closer to be realized. How many of you […]