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YouTube Gets In On The Harlem Shake Craze
If you fancy yourself an Internet-savvy person, you’ll know that the Harlem Shake is absolutely everywhere nowadays. It’s been played on the radio and is even sitting at the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 songs for the second week in a row. We’re not sure what it is about the song, but we can’t help but act like complete idiots whenever we hear it being played.Searching for Harlem Shake videos […]

Chromebook Pixel Konami Code Easter Egg
The Chromebook Pixel from Google is a thing of beauty, although whether it is relevant to the market or not is another question altogether. One thing we do know is this – someone on the Chromebook Pixel team must have been a real videogame fan, having thrown in an Easter egg that will actually activate a cool light show for those who are in the know. Basically, the Konami code, […]

Go And Google a Scary Movie for a Fun Easter Egg
Here’s something to do if you can’t get enough Halloween: go to Google, search for your favorite scary movie, and watch the bats fly. Not content with an interactive Google Doodle on the front page today, it has also thrown in a fun easter egg: if you search for a term that brings up the Google knowledge graph box, three bats will perch and fly away when your search results […]

Android secret codes revealed
Google is a company that has its fair share of secrets and Easter Eggs, and this quality about them has filtered down to the Android operating system. It seems that there are a fair number of secret codes which you can key in to access various settings on your handset which cannot be done through the normal menu system. Most of the codes will allow you to peruse through many […]


Google Let It Snow Easter Egg
The folks over at Google do have a wicked sense of humour, and one of their latest efforts at making sure this festive season adds a touch of Yuletide to your favorite search engine includes typing “Let it Snow” in the search box. Once you hit Enter, you will be treated to snowflakes that fall down your browser, and leaving it long enough, snow will soon start to pile up. […]

iOS 5 gets auto-correct keyboard bar as well
Remember our story about iOS 5 having a secret panorama mode for you to shoot your photos? Well, it seems that this is not the only Easter Egg in iOS 5 that is waiting to be discovered, as someone else also stumbled upon an auto-correct keyboard bar. First dibs go to Australian Sonny Dickson who managed to get it up and running on his spanking new iPhone 4S, where you […]

iRiver Story HD has built-in Web browser
Yes sir, don’t look so surprised. Sometimes, hardware manufacturers tend to stash away an Easter egg somewhere just to tease users, and it is also a good marketing ploy since something like this will definitely stoke the interest of the purchasing public. The iRiver Story HD is one of those devices, sporting a Web browser inside, but you will need to jump through a fair number of hoops and perform […]

Nook Touch comes with hidden Web browser
Now lookee here, it seems that the new Barnes & Noble Nook Touch e-reader device does have its very own Web browser, and to top it all off, accessing it is a whole lot easier than most people would think – there is no need to root the new Nook Touch, as the Web browser itself is hidden within the search feature. No idea on when Barnes & Noble intended […]

Talking Augmented Easter Egg
Easter’s coming soon, and with the celebration, you know that eggs will be one of the main features, where kids hunt around for Easter eggs (while the more grown up ones prefer those that are tucked away in software). How about making the egg hunts more fun as kids revel in their collection? We’re looking at the Talking Augmented Easter Egg app from Irregular Apps, a company that might be […]

Ribbon Hero is a hoot
istartedsomething’s Long Zheng managed to perform some digital forensics and stumbled upon a trademark application filed by Microsoft last November, where it describes Ribbon Hero as a “computer software for training users to use business application software; and computer game software for use in computer user training.” Unfortunately for what could be a fun and interesting application, Ribbon Hero doesn’t seem any closer to be realized. How many of you […]