Now lookee here, it seems that the new Barnes & Noble Nook Touch e-reader device does have its very own Web browser, and to top it all off, accessing it is a whole lot easier than most people would think – there is no need to root the new Nook Touch, as the Web browser itself is hidden within the search feature. No idea on when Barnes & Noble intended to share this little Easter Egg with anyone (if ever), but nice to know that to gain access, all you need to do is hit the tiny “n” icon that is located below the Nook Touch’s display, tap the search icon, followed by entering a URL into the search – as long as it ends with .com, .net, etc, where the hidden Web browser will then launch.

It does seem to resemble the Nook Color‘s Web browser a whole lot, but sad to say it will not work as well. If you decide to do some scrolling, zooming, or even something as simple as activating hyperlinks, these are hit-or-miss situations as pages load with a 50% success rate. Guess there is a very good reason as to why it remains hidden, no?

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