Easter’s coming soon, and with the celebration, you know that eggs will be one of the main features, where kids hunt around for Easter eggs (while the more grown up ones prefer those that are tucked away in software). How about making the egg hunts more fun as kids revel in their collection? We’re looking at the Talking Augmented Easter Egg app from Irregular Apps, a company that might be a start-up but possesses a talent pool with vast experience in image processing and object recognition. Their app is able to augment objects with no dependence on pre-designed QR codes or any specific environment. This Easter, their Talking Augmented Easter Egg is more than ready to let you add life to real eggs – after all, it works only with those! Imagine holding up an egg in front of your iPhone, only to see it on the screen dance, spin and dress while talking in a funny voice that you managed to record earlier on.


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