Articles about ebook reader (page 2)

NOOKcolor hacked with Android 3.0 Honeycomb
NoteSlate $99 touchscreen tablet with two-color display
NextBook Next6 e-book reader jumps through FCC hoops
Borders sales looking bleak, despite eBook offerings
Barnes & Noble ready to upgrade Nook Color e-book readers to Android 2.2 Froyo
NOOKcolor starts to ship for $249
Motorola eReader spotted in China
Asus ships DR-900 e-reader quietly
Pandigital AW-NU706 ebook reader arrives on the FCC
FCC takes a gander at iRiver Cover Story eBook reader
Sagem Binder ultra-light eReader launched
Borders drop prices of Kobo eReader, Aluratek Libre and Velocity Micro Cruz Reader
Shift3 delivers LookBook to the FCC
Text adventure games to debut on e-readers
Kobo ebook reader goes wireless
Sharper Image unveils Literati eReader
Pandigital ships second Pandigital Novel eReader device, has integrated Barnes & Noble eBookstore
Asus to release 8-inch e-book reader this October
Amazon's 6-inch Kindle is now unavailable
Amazon Kindle going for $149.99 a day