FCC takes a gander at iRiver Cover Story eBook reader

The FCC have taken a look at the iRiver Cover Story eBook reader over the weekend, which is always a good omen if you’re thinking of picking one up Stateside since all devices need to go through the machinations of the FCC before they are approved for sale in this part of the world. The Cover Story will come with a 6-inch resistive touch screen eInk display for your portable reading needs, holding a stylus which is stashed away for you to draw as well as take down notes. We’re thinking that power users (or should we say, readers?) will find the 2GB of internal memory less than satisfactory, so it is good to see an SD memory card slot thrown into the mix for future expansion purposes. The iRiver Cover Story eBook reader will be powered by a Samsung ARM11 S3C6431 processor, and no Android here as it will run a Linux-based OS with the company’s iRiver Flow UI. Already out in Europe for £179 (Wi-Fi enabled) and £149 (no Wi-Fi), we do hope the pricing will be favorable in the US if it ever makes its way here. We do forsee the lack of built-in 3G being a minus point for a select few who absolutely need to get their books there and then without looking out for a wireless hotspot.

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