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Users Can Now Block Calls And Messages On The Amazon Echo
The ability to block calls and messages from contacts you don’t want to hear from seems like a pretty basic feature that most communication devices and services offer. However oddly enough such a feature was missing from the Amazon Echo, at least until recently where in a report from The Verge, an update to the Alexa app on iOS has brought the feature to the table.

Amazon Open To Bringing Siri Onto The Echo
As it stands the Amazon Echo and other Echo-related devices are powered by Amazon’s Alexa AI. With Google, their devices use Google Assistant, and Apple’s recently launched HomePod is powered by Siri. This makes sense as all these technologies are proprietary to the company that made them.

Amazon Open To Having Apple Music On The Echo
The Amazon Echo is essentially a speaker with a built-in assistant in the form of Alexa, and with the launch of the new Amazon Echo Show which is basically the Echo with a touchscreen display, Amazon has also announced that the new device will be capable of streaming music from various services.

New Amazon Echo Could Be Unveiled Tomorrow
We have heard rumors that Amazon is working on a new Echo device that could feature a touchscreen display. In fact not too long ago renders of the device made their way online, and it looks like we might not have to wait much longer because according to a report from The Wall Street Journal, the device could be announced tomorrow.


Apple’s Echo Competitor Will Reportedly Look Like A Mac Pro
Following the success of the Amazon Echo, we started hearing rumors that companies such as Apple and Google could follow suit. Google indeed did launch their own take in the form of the Google Home, but Apple’s version has yet to surface. We have heard that the company is close to finalizing a design, and now more details have surfaced.

The Amazon Echo Will Now Let You Fact Check Politicians
Politicians love to make claims during their speeches, whether it be to discredit their rivals/opponents, or to help further their agenda. Now sometimes these claims can be true, maybe a bit exaggerated but for the most part true. Sometimes they can be false and embarrassingly so.

2nd-Gen Amazon Echo Dot Now Available For Purchase
If you wanted the smart capabilities of the Amazon Echo, like Alexa, without the speaker component, there was the Amazon Echo Dot which was launched earlier this year. However just last month, Amazon followed up with a successor that improved upon the hardware and also made it cheaper.

Amazon Music Unlimited Is Official Starting From $4 A Month
According to a report from last week, we had heard rumors that Amazon’s alleged music streaming service could be launched this week and sure enough it has as the company has officially taken the wraps off Amazon Music Unlimited, a new music streaming service from the company that is priced starting at $4 a month.

You Can Now Use Your Amazon Echo To Lock/Unlock Your BMW
The Amazon Echo and its Alexa voice assistant platform can do many things. It can call you an Uber, it can read to you, it can tell you the weather, it can even order you a pizza when you’re hungry. Now it looks like if you own a BMW, Alexa will be able to lock/unlock your car doors, check battery and fuel levels, and even lets you load a trip […]

Amazon’s Echo-only Music Streaming Service Is Coming Soon
A couple of months ago we heard the rumors that Amazon was planning an Echo-only music streaming service. Now according to a report from The Verge, that service is said to be close to ready and could be launching as soon as in the next few weeks. It is also rumored to cost $5 a month and users will have access to Amazon’s entire music library on-demand.

Amazon Wants To Create An Echo-Only Music Streaming Service
In terms of music streaming, Amazon has their own in the form of Prime Music, although given that you would need a subscription to Amazon Prime in order to use it, it isn’t as accessible compared to say Spotify or Apple Music. We heard back in June that the company could be preparing a new streaming service, and now more details might have been revealed.

Apple To Open Siri To Developers & Develop Amazon Echo Rival [Rumor]
For the longest time ever, Apple has kept Siri to itself and not opened it up to developers. However a report from The Information (paywall; via Mobile Syrup) has suggested that could change soon, and that by opening up Siri to developers, Apple could also be looking to dive into the creation of their own Amazon Echo rival.

Amazon Echo Will Answer Questions On Your Kid’s Health
Amazon’s Echo speakers which might have looked like a pair of ordinary speakers has gained some pretty useful functionality since its launch, thanks to its built-in voice assistant Alexa which will be able to answer questions users pose to it, and to a certain extent will also be able to perform actions for you, like order a pizza or read Kindle books to you.

Order The Amazon Echo Dot Without The Echo
Amazon launched their Echo smart speaker in 2015 and so far it seems to be quite a hit amongst users, namely due to its ability to do more than just playback your music. Recently Amazon announced a smaller version of the device called the Echo Dot. This basically maintains the voice assistant features without the speaker.

Ecobee3 Thermostat Can Be Controlled By Amazon Echo
Recently it seems that Amazon’s Echo speaker has been gaining a ton of functionality, from being able to call you an Uber, stream music from Spotify, to ordering you a pizza. Now it looks like it can even control aspects of your home, thanks to ecobee who has recently announced that their ecobee3 smart thermostat will now see integration with the Echo.

Amazon Echo Can Now Order You An Uber
While the Amazon Echo might have launched as a speaker with assistant capabilities, it seems that Amazon has been on a spree as of late, introducing new features and capabilities to the speaker that we can only imagine will make it extremely invaluable in the future. For example recently it has been updated to stream music from Spotify and order a pizza.

Amazon Echo Can Now Read Kindle Ebooks Out Loud
The Amazon Echo speaker was launched in 2014 and it had some limitations back then, which was that it couldn’t read things out loud to you. This changed last year when the Echo speakers were updated with Audible support, in which you could ask Alexa to read Audible books to you, although this wasn’t exactly free as you’d have to purchase Audible products for it to work.

Amazon Echo Now Supports Voice Control For iTunes, Pandora And Spotify
In November last year Amazon unveiled the Echo. Basically its a smart speaker which is hooked up to the cloud. Echo can provide information, news, play music and do much more with just voice commands. It can respond to commands as well so it essentially offers Siri-like functionality. Amazon has pushed out a new software update for the Echo which now enables it to provide voice control for iTunes, Pandora […]

Magellan Echo Smart Sports Watch
[CES 2014] It seems that those who happen to own the Magellan Echo Smart Sports Watch will be pleased as punch to hear the unveiling of new sporting app categories as well as the inclusion of new colors for the Echo Smart Sports Watch at this year’s edition of CES. These additional sporting applications will include the likes of golf, skiing, hiking, and other outdoor activities to its capabilities. Apart […]

Magellan Echo Smart Running Watch Announced
Magellan is more well known as a company that rolls out GPS navigation devices, and here we are with something that is slightly different – the Magellan Echo, which so happens to be the company’s very first running watch which makes use of smartphone fitness apps and pushing it to their full potential. How does it achieve this? It will be able to “talk” to them wirelessly, sporting real-time fitness […]