amazon echoAmazon’s Echo speakers which might have looked like a pair of ordinary speakers has gained some pretty useful functionality since its launch, thanks to its built-in voice assistant Alexa which will be able to answer questions users pose to it, and to a certain extent will also be able to perform actions for you, like order a pizza or read Kindle books to you.

However if you are a parent, you might be interested to learn that the speaker has recently gained a new function, thanks to the efforts of the Boston Children’s Hospital in which they released a new app for Alexa called KidsMD. The idea behind the app is that it will be able to answer the questions posed by parents about the health of their kids.

This is far from being comprehensive and neither is it meant to replace an actual visit to a doctor, but rather it is designed to answer basic questions that parents might have regarding ailments like a fever or medicine dosages, so if your hands are full and you want a quick answer regarding your problem, this is a hands-free way to go about it.

According to the hospital’s Chief Innovation Officer John Brownstein, “We’re trying to extend the know-how of the hospital beyond the walls of the hospital, through digital, and this is one of a few steps we’ve made in that space. How do you take our know-how and content and make it available more broadly? We’re very mission-based around that.”

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