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Congress Wants To Know How Amazon Is Protecting The Privacy Of Kids Using The Echo Dot
Not too long ago, Amazon unveiled the Echo Dot Kids Edition. Function wise this is more or less the same as the regular Echo Dot, except that it comes with a bunch of features aimed at kids, but at the end of the day it is still a smart speaker. Unsurprisingly this has raised many questions about the privacy of kids, which is a question that Congress wants to know.

Amazon Update Gives Its Echo Devices Intercom-Like Functionality
Unlike other smart speakers like the Google Home Max or the Apple HomePod, Amazon has a wide variety of smaller and more affordable smart speakers for users who are more interested in using them for their smarts rather than music playback capabilities. This is evidenced in last year’s numbers where the Echo Dot was Amazon’s best-selling product during the holidays.

HomePod Day One Pre-Orders Beat Out Most Of The Competition
The HomePod is Apple’s foray into the smart speaker market, and from what we can tell, it seems that it is doing pretty well. According to a report from NPD, based on their findings it seems that day one pre-orders for the HomePod in the US have managed to beat out most of the competition.

Survey Finds That Smart Speaker Satisfaction Is At 89%
Smart speakers appear to be the trend these days and we’ve seen many major tech companies try their hand at it, such as Google with the Google Home and more recently Apple with the HomePod, although admittedly this is all thanks to Amazon who helped kick off this trend with the launch of the Echo.


Blind Listening Test Finds Sonos One Outperforms The HomePod
So far based on current reviews, many have found that the HomePod speakers from Apple sound pretty good and could possibly be the best in the market right now, at least as far as smart speakers are concerned. However a recent report from Consumer Reports is suggesting otherwise, but are they alone in their opinion?

Amazon Echo & Alexa Available In Australia & New Zealand Next Month
Amazon ships to most parts of the world, but in terms of local operations, the company’s presence is only available in a handful of countries. However in 2017, Amazon expanded their operations to Australia and New Zealand, and also announced that they would be making their Echo speakers and Alexa available in those markets.

Echo Dot Was The Best-Selling Product On Amazon This Holiday Season
We know that many were surprised when Amazon first launched the Echo speaker with its digital assistant Alexa built into it. However it turned out to be a huge hit, leading to other tech companies such as Google, Apple, and Samsung to follow suit with similar devices, some that have yet to be launched.

The Amazon Echo Look Can Now Give You Crowdsourced Fashion Advice
Have you ever wanted some fashion advice? Sure, you could ask your parents, your roommate, or your partner on what they think about your outfit, but if you want a more collective response, the Amazon Echo Look launched earlier this year kind of achieves that goal through the use of machine learning algorithms.

Amazon Has Reportedly Shipped Three Times More Smart Speakers Than Google
It is safe to say that Amazon helped to kickstart the smart speaker revolution with their Echo devices and the Alexa digital assistant which despite being in such a competitive market, managed to surprise everyone at how effective it was. This led to other companies such as Google trying to follow suit with devices like the Google Home.

Spotify Gets Multiroom Audio Support On Echo Devices
Amazon updated its Echo devices a couple of months ago with support for multiroom audio. The feature enables these devices to handle music playback across multiple rooms. Echo users can thus sync music across their devices. Spotify, the world’s most popular music streaming service, wasn’t supported by this feature at launch but that has finally changed today.

Amazon Expands Alexa And Echo Availability To Australia & New Zealand
While Amazon does ship to most parts of the world, not all of its products and services are available worldwide. For example Prime is still limited to a handful of countries, and there are also certain countries where customers need to find workarounds to purchase Kindle e-books. Amazon’s Alexa AI and its Echo series of speakers also aren’t exactly available worldwide either.

Destiny 2 Gets An Official Ghost Skill For Alexa
When it comes to skills for Alexa, there are so many out there for all sorts of things, whether you want something mundane like the weather, the news, traffic updates, or calling you a cab, an Uber, or even ordering you food. This is largely thanks to the openness of Alexa which allows third-party developers to create skills for it.

Amazon’s Echo Buttons Are Now Available For Pre-Order
Amazon’s Alexa at launch felt like the company was trying to create a digital assistant to compete with the likes of Google Assistant and Siri, but it has since evolved to be much more than that. This is made pretty clear where back in September, the company announced the Echo Button accessory.

The Pokemon Company Releases ‘Pikachu Talk’ For Google Home, Alexa
If you’re a fan of Pokemon, we’re sure that at some point you might have thought it would be awesome if Pokemons really existed, where we could walk around with a Pikachu of our own to be our friend and companion (we suppose pets accomplish the same thing), but not to worry as The Pokemon Company has something that comes relatively close.

The Amazon Echo Gets The PRODUCT(RED) Treatment
If you’re thinking about buying a new set of speakers and doing your bit for charity, you’ll be interested to learn that Amazon has recently announced a PRODUCT(RED) edition of their second-gen Echo speakers. As you can see in the photo above, this means that we’ll be seeing the Echo speaker get a new look.

Amazon Cancels Free Echo Dot Orders
Recently you might have heard how Amazon accidentally made its Echo Dot speakers free on its website, and if you’re kicking yourself thinking you missed out on a great deal, you didn’t because (unsurprisingly) Amazon is cancelling orders that are taking advantage of the snafu, although they aren’t leaving customers completely empty-handed.

Amazon Echo Multiroom Support Could Be Coming Soon
One of the things we’re seeing speaker makers include with their Bluetooth speaker systems is the ability to daisychain multiple units together. This means as long as all the speakers are within range of each other, you could technically set them up all over the house and create a multiroom setup.

Next-Gen Amazon Echo Could Be More Like Apple’s HomePod
It probably goes without saying that Amazon led the way and kicked off the trend of smart speakers with their Echo series of devices. This led to companies such as Microsoft, Google, and even Apple to follow suit with their own devices, but now a report from Engadget has suggested that Amazon’s next-gen Echo could be taking some cues from Apple’s HomePod.

Google Home More Accurate Than Alexa At Answering Your Questions
The launch of the first Amazon Echo was surprising in a couple of different ways. For starters a smart speaker with a virtual assistant was something not many people had expected Amazon to have been working on. Secondly the ease of use of the Echo and Alexa was also what helped drive the device’s popularity, which in turned prompted similar devices from competitors.

Amazon Echo Devices To Get Intercom Support
The thing about Amazon’s Echo devices is that for the most part they’re relatively affordable and they don’t take up a lot of space, especially if you have the Echo Dot. This means that you could place multiple units around the home and have access to the Alexa virtual assistant anytime that you want.