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Animals sculpted from old CDs
Recycling is always a good idea, especially in this day and age where we have a higher degree of environmental awareness. Well, just what are some of the steps that we can take to minimize our carbon footprint? Apart from taking public transport, purchasing organic foodstuff, drive an electric car, we can also look for new avenues to reuse waste in different and creative methods. Case in point, artist Sean […]

Plants-based plastics could be the next big green thing
Black gold – that is what most folks would describe oil as, and when processed into petroleum, it can be used in many other forms, from using it to power the cars that you drive around, in addition to producing the plastic bags that have become to scourge of sea turtles around the world. Scientists at Utrecht University in the Netherlands might have stumbled upon the next big thing – […]

Fisker Karma's interior relies on low-carbon leather
Talk about taking great lengths to go green – Fisker Karma’s interior wants to wrap you in luxury, and yet it intends to maintain a balanced outlook by using low-carbon leather. Bridge of Weir leather was their main pick, where it is known for its luxurious feel as well as low environment impact during processing. Already out in the market for three months, and the Fisker Karma has picked up […]

Noisezero O+ Eco Edition Headphones
Want to go green? While there are so many ways to go about with a green and eco-friendly lifestyle, where among the more notable contributions would be to be a vegan, not to mention ride around in a Toyota Prius, there are other small little purchases that you can make such as a watch or in today’s case, a pair of headphones. We’re talking about the Noisezero O+ Eco Edition […]


Honda snowblower takes the hybrid route
One would normally associate the company Honda with its range of vehicles which offer value for money, and more recently, their efforts in the robotic world with the ASIMO project. Well, we also know that Honda has an interest in keeping the world green for future generations thanks to hybrid models of the Insight, CR-Z and Civic, but their latest hybrid model will not be as large as the aforementioned […]

Re-case is an eco-friendly iPhone case
If you own an iPhone and you love the environment, how about picking up an environmental-friendly protective case for your phone? No, we don’t mean wrap it in leaves or paper, but you can check out the Re-case from Miniwiz. Touted to be 100% trash, the Re-case is made from rice agricultural waste that is added to post-consumer thermo-plastics. In addition to keeping your iPhone safe from the usual bumps […]

Pavegen tiles rely on footsteps to generate power
Take a look at the documentary of any large cities and buzzing metropolises, and chances are you will see a swarm of humanity who walk around most of the day, being busy getting from one destination to the other. Ever wondered the potential of collecting all the energy generated through walking alone? That is what the kinetic energy harvesting Pavegen tiles were created for – to deliver a new method […]

Raincoat prevents you from getting wet, produces drinking water to boot
Wearing a raincoat makes perfect sense for those who get around on bicycles and motorcycles whenever it starts to pour outside, but what happens to all the water that falls? Surely it will just wash off the raincoat and end up in drains somewhere? Not with this particular raincoat known as the “Raincatch” garment – it will go beyond both umbrellas and raincoats, where it can also capture, filter and […]

BytePac hard drive boxes are made from cardboard
Using cardboard to replace metal or plastic on a computer isn’t exactly new, normally it’s  budget-friendly and free most of the time but not when it comes to BytePac. This “green” cardboard housing which is used to turn your regular hard disk drive into an external USB/SATA drive isn’t for the budget-minded folk. While we’re definitely in favor of using such environmental-friendly products, charging top dollar for what essentially can […]

Electric cars could be money spinners for owners
They say the moment you drive your brand new car out of the showroom, it effectively loses quite a chunk of its value – and the graph goes downhill from there. Well, I guess the same applies to electric cars, but a startup known as eV2g intends for your electric car to at least help you out financially each month by collecting money from grid operators to pay electric vehicle […]

Hawaiian shirts reduce energy use in Japan
The devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami that devastated Japan in March earlier this year certainly brought about plenty of changes in the lives of survivors, not to mention a post-earthquake energy crisis that states certain buildings cannot be cooled to anywhere less than 82 degrees (in Fahrenheit in case you were wondering), which has certainly led to many a corporate drone sweating at their cubicles since they cannot look more […]

Alloy could create inexpensive hydrogen
A team of scientists in Kentucky has claimed that they’ve managed to “tweak” an inexpensive semiconductor to generate hydrogen from water using sunlight. Using an alloy that is formed by replacing 2% of the antimony in gallium nitride, it is said to have the right electrical properties that enables solar light energy to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen through a process known as photoelectrochemical (PEC) water splitting. Since […]

Cambridge Consultants introduces eco-friendly Stem vacuum cleaner
Cambridge Consultants, the company behind the Sprint in-wall radar are back with a new product, and this time around it’s something more civilian-friendly that it’s previous offering. Instead of a radar used to detect enemies or traps behind walls, the company has announced a new ‘eco-vacuum’ concept called Stem. Citing it as possibly the “world’s most eco-friendly vacuum cleaner”, Stem is said to use 43% less energy but provide the […]

Samsung launches new eco-friendly laser printers
Samsung has just announced a new lineup of monochrome laser, multifunction, eco-friendly printers that are suitable for small-to-midsize businesses. Touted to increase productivity (by getting print jobs done quicker), these high-speed devices can print at speeds of up to 29 pages per minute. Not that uncommon when it comes to monochrome laser printers but if your job requires you to print a lot of pages of text or just in […]