This is one of the times when I wished the conceptual design would just jump into life like that – and we’re talking about the INgSOC bicycle. The frame design does seem to be future forward if it were to roll off a factory line, courtesy of Edward Kim and Benny Cemoli. The electric bicycle will definitely look faster than it moves, sporting sharp lines and some dangerous-looking edges.


The frame of the INgSOC bicycle might seem to be techno-organic in nature, what with a bony, alien-like finger pointing towards the direction ahead. Right behind the seat lies a removable battery pack, where it has a battery charge level indicator located on the handle so that you can easily take a glance to tell just how much juice it has left. 

If you’re feeling particular lethargic, just let the motor zip you through traffic, but you can always conserve battery life by doing your bit and moving those legs to get around. In pedal-only mode, a percentage of the energy generated by the rider will be sent back to the battery pack as part of the recharging process. We certainly look forward to see this concept turn into reality sooner rather than later – at an affordable price too, please.

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