Panasonic BE-ENS033

Panasonic has just released a new 20″ bicycle designed for the elderly in Japan. It has a low seat which is easy to get into, is perfect for carrying one passenger and with a basket in the front for storing small objects. The BE-ENS033 Electric bicycle can be ridden manually, in automatic mode and in power mode. In automatic mode, the bike uses electricity to help users start pedaling and assists them on flat roads. While in power mode, the bike helps users to climb slopes and turns back into automatic mode once going downhill or on a flat road again. The battery on the BE-ENS003 can last for 13km in automatic mode and 11km in power mode. Unlike a bike or car, good thing you have the option to pedal it manually when you’re out of juice. The BE-ENS033 is available in Japan now for a retail price of $1,100 (89,800 Yen).

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