Electric vehicles are starting to gain a whole lot of traction, since they do their bit in helping reduce the amount of greenhouse emissions, not to mention being far easier on your wallet at the end of the day simply because you need not fork out an arm and a leg each time you “fill ‘er up”. While electric cars have been in the limelight most of the time, there are also two wheelers that take on the zero gas challenge, and CRP Racing’s latest model, the Energica, that will boast of an all-electric powertrain that has 100kW of power ready and raring to go.

The styling exudes a classic Italian look where two wheelers are concerned, and can hit a top speed of 220 km/h although I would recommend you not go that fast unless you are really skilled and have a high paying insurance policy. Other specifications of the Energica include 16kgm of torque, and 150km of range with but a single charge. Currently in the development phase, it remains to be seen just how much the Energica will be priced – but this is guaranteed to turn heads for sure.

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