There have been many arguments for and against this statement, however fact and numbers are hard to refute. Recently, YouTube sailed past the board for a billion unique monthly visitors and Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt believes that internet video has left conventional television far behind. He says that YouTube’s numbers will only keep going higher as the service becomes available in a number of third world countries, by then the world’s most used video sharing site will amass multiple billion active users each month. These remarks were made during a presentation to advertisers in New York City.

Eric Schmidt also clarifies that internet video isn’t a full blown replacement for conventional television. It is an entirely new and different thing which requires that its users think about how they’re going to use it, in order to maximize their user satisfaction with the service. YouTube’s global head of content added that “TV is one-way. YouTube talks back.” Many will agree with its statement, as YouTube certainly does foster engagement as opposed to television which offers reach for advertisers. YouTube has recently been shifting towards new and exciting projects, one such project is the Comedy Week that brings together big name stars for comedy routines and skits that will be broadcasted from Los Angeles.

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