The problem with smartphones these days is that many are starting to ditch the headphone jack. We imagine that in the next few years when wireless headphones become ubiquitous that this will no longer be an issue, but for now there are still many out there who rely on wired headphones which means buying adapters and dongles.

Now the Essential Phone was one of those companies that ditched the headphone jack, but they had previously announced plans for a modular accessory that would bring it back. The good news is that we are getting closer to seeing it launch, thanks to it stopping by the FCC where it was certified for a release.

In case you’re hearing about this accessory for the first time, basically this modular accessory dubbed the Audio Adapter HD will give the Essential Phone a headphone jack. This sounds a bit silly since a USB-C to 3.5mm dongle should do it, however there is a difference and that is this accessory will support MQA audio, which is basically a hi-res audio standard for audiophiles out there.

Of course not everyone will need this accessory, in which you’re more than welcome to shop for your own accessory. However for those who might be able to appreciate audiophile level audio, then this accessory could be worth keeping an eye out for. No word on how much the accessory will cost, but hopefully it won’t be too expensive.

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