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Samsung Overtakes Apple in Smartphone Sales [Europe]
According to IDC, Samsung has surpassed Apple in European smartphone sales by shipping 4.8 Million units, compared to Apple’s 4.6M units. Samsung had a strong momentum before, but clearly, the Samsung Galaxy S2 should get the credit for this (read our Samsung Galaxy S2 review). HTC stands at the third spot, and you can easily understand why every player is fighting with the gloves off: Apple sues Samsung, and HTC […]

Motorola announces Droid Pro+
Motorola Droid Pro users, are you looking for an upgrade to your device but are unwilling to do away with the QWERTY keyboard? Well fret not as Motorola has just announced the successor to the Droid Pro, the Droid Pro+.

Courts in Netherlands grants Apple temporary injunction for Samsung Galaxy phones
A while back we reported that Apple was seeking not only to just ban the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in the Netherlands, but also the Galaxy series of smartphones by the Korean company. Despite the questionable evidence that Apple presented the German courts it appears that the courts in Netherlands has sided with Apple, and has issued a preliminary ban on several of Samsung’s products.

Apple wants to ban Samsung Galaxy smartphones as well in the Netherlands
If you have been keeping track of the recent Apple vs Samsung legal proceedings in the EU, you will probably know by now that the German courts have lifted the injunction after they realized that they did not have the power to do a blanket injunction of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, which means Germany is the only country in which the injunction is still in effect.


Sony announces Europe-only PSP E-1000
Instead of announcing more news about the upcoming PlayStation Vita, Sony decided to announce the launch of a new PlayStation Portable: the PSP E-1000 at Gamescon today. Designed for folks on a budget, the PSP E-1000 will only be available in Europe and will cost 99 Euros. It functions just like a regular PSP with one major caveat: it won’t have any WiFi connectivity. Games will be played on the […]

Samsung to appeal Galaxy Tab 10.1 injunction in Europe August 25th
The ongoing legal battle between Apple and Samsung has so far resulted in victories for Apple, with the Cupertino company managing to get the sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 halted in Australia and most of the European Union.

LG P220 laptop to be launched in Korea this month, Europe later
If you remember back in CES earlier this year, LG debuted a thin laptop with the model P220. The good news is that if you’re living in Korea and Europe, you will be able to get your hands on the slim laptop soon.

HTC Sensation Android 2.3.4 update rolling out in Europe
HTC’s powerhouse Android phone, the HTC Sensation has been reported to be receiving a tasty Android treat today. The OTA update for Android 2.3.4 is supposedly rolling out to owners of the phone in Europe, which means non-carrier branded versions of the device. The update will bump up the phone’s software to version 1.45.401.2 but most importantly it will give the phone Android 2.3.4 which brings some new features to […]

Google Maps now includes live traffic info for Europe
Google Maps users in 13 lucky European countries will get to experience the convenience of having live traffic reports starting this week. Google has announced that it will be bringing its informative live traffic feature to thirteen countries in Europe. With live traffic, users will be able to gauge how congested a road is before they even embark on their journey, and they’ll even be able to use Google Maps […]

Pinger brings free texting to Europe
While the tech savvy consumers of the world are making use of data for “free” texting with apps such as Whatsapp or Kik messenger, believe it or not, but a majority of the world still rely on good ol’ regular text messaging. Unfortunately in most parts of the world, people don’t have “free text” plans, and still need to pay exorbitant fees to send text messages to each other.

Lenovo ThinkPad X121e is an ultraportable business notebook
Lenovo has just announced the release of a new ultraportable notebook computer – the ThinkPad X121e. Designed for business people on the go or students looking for a lightweight computer to bring to classes. The notebook features mid-range specs which should be enough for most applications on the go, including the occasional casual game or two but not heavy graphic rendering or hardcore gaming.

Nokia Windows Phone 7 devices released in Europe first?
Folks in the US might be in for a disappointment if the following rumors turn out to be true. According to some reports online, the vice president of Nokia Europe mentioned that Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 devices will be released in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK first; later this year. However, a Nokia spokeswoman, Anna Martin, refused to confirm his comments about the release of […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Headed To Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway
The elusive Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 may finally be getting a release although it looks like our friends in Europe may be getting the device before us in the States. Earlier it was reported that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 were facing some issues due to component shortages, whether that was true or not there has been no word from Samsung with regards to that matter, but if it was […]

Google invests $5 million in a German solar plant
 Google, has been recently reported to have forked out $5 million in an 18.7MW solar power plant near Berlin, Germany. Google won’t be running the show all by themselves though – the plant will be operated together with another private German company, Capital Stage. But it looks that Google won’t be having the upper hand here as they control only 49% of the stake. The 116 acre plant has been […]

Sony PlayStation 3 temporarily banned in Europe
Bad news for Sony – after LG managed to win a preliminary injunction against Sony in a legal battle over Blu-ray patent infringement, they won’t be able to import their hugely successful PlayStation 3 console into Europe. For the next 10 days, all new PS3 units that are imported into the continent will be confiscated by the authorities. After LG stepped on Sony’s toes over some phone patents last year, […]

Amazon acquires LOVEFiLM
Amazon has announced today that they have reached finally acquired LOVEFiLM International Limited. In case you didn’t know, LOVEFiLM is pretty much the equivalent of Netflix in Europe – a subscription entertainment service that allows you to rent movies and games through the mail or streaming on demand. The service is compatible with PCs, internet-enabled TVs and on the PlayStation 3. Amazon’s acquisition of LOVEFiLM gives them a bigger foothold […]

Motorola Droid X And Milestone 2 Arriving In France This Year
We’re already lucky enough to be enjoying the Motorola Droid X already, but if you’re over in France and are wondering when you’ll be able to get hold of the device, word is going around that the Motorola Droid X will be launched in France in November or December, with the Droid 2 to follow closely after that. According to rumor, the Droid 2 will be dubbed the Motorola Milestone 2, […]

Kingston DataTraveler 5000 USB Flash Drive Hits Europe
Folks over in Europe looking for a secure USB flash drive will be happy to know that the DataTraveler 5000 USB Flash Drive from Kingston is now available in Europe. We previously told you that this drive is FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified with Level 3 pending, and offers built-in 256-bit AES hardware encryption for another layer of security. To further enhance the security of your data, the drive uses […]

European HTC Hero To Be Updated To Android 2.1 By The End Of April
It was previously mentioned that the HTC Hero would be getting an Android 2.1 update come April 16th, but it seems that the date might be pushed by back slightly. It seems that some folks have buzzed HTC about the upcoming update, and the Taiwanese company has replied, indicating that the anticipated update would be released at the end of April. The update will be pushed out over-the-air (OTA) so […]

European LG TVs get USB playback thanks to hack
Have more than just a little bit of spare time on your hands? Might we interest you in this hack that will enable playback from a USB drive over LG televisions? This hack currently works only on European hardware, namely the LH, LF and selected LU models, so for those of us living Stateside, we’re out of luck for the moment. You will need to downgrade the firmware to version […]