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Blackberry services down in Europe, Middle East, Africa
Heads up Blackberry users in the Europe, Middle East and Africa, it looks like RIM is facing some technical issues which might be able to explain why you are having issues accessing certain features on your phones. This seems to have been confirmed by a variety of carriers in those particular regions, such as T-Mobile UK, Vodafone Egypt and Batelco in Bahrain.

Amazon opens French Kindle Store
For those living in France and were looking forward to getting on board Amazon’s Kindle, the good news is that the company has finally opened a French Kindle Store, adding to the list of stores outside of the US. For those living outside of France, not to worry as the French Kindle Store will also cover those living in Belgium, Monaco, Luxembourg and Switzerland.On top of that, Amazon will be […]

Apple launches micro USB adapter for iOS devices
As most of you will know by now, gadgets in Europe all have a standard to comply with when it comes to chargers. It is mandatory for manufacturers to use Micro USB ports for their products unless they provide compatible adapters for their devices. Since Apple’s iOS devices all have the proprietary port, Apple had to provide an adapter for it, and it looks like they’ve finally done it. If […]

iTunes in the Cloud to be launched in Europe as well?
So we know that Apple has plans for an iTunes in the Cloud service, where users can synchronize songs bought from the iTunes store across multiple devices, such as their computers, iPhones and iPads wirelessly. It has initially been limited to just the US market due to Apple inking deals major labels and publishers based in the US, however the good news is that Apple is expected to make an […]


Could Europe's iPhone sport a micro USB interface?
Most, if not all phones in Europe use a micro USB interface (pictured above circled in red) to charge and sync, but Apple has stubbornly held on to their 30-pin dock connector design. Back in 2009 the European Commission managed to reach a voluntary agreement with 10 mobile phone manufacturers to adopt a standard micro USB interface, and Apple was one of the parties who signed a Memorandum of Understanding, […]

Google branded SIM card spotted in Spain
Google started out as a search engine, but over the years they have managed to expand their list of services to include e-mail (Gmail), a smartphone platform which has quickly dominated the marketshare in terms of platforms (Android) and recently even attempted to launch their very own social network (Google+). With Google Voice being an alternative to your typical cellular calls, would it be a stretch of the imagination to […]

Samsung Overtakes Apple in Smartphone Sales [Europe]
According to IDC, Samsung has surpassed Apple in European smartphone sales by shipping 4.8 Million units, compared to Apple’s 4.6M units. Samsung had a strong momentum before, but clearly, the Samsung Galaxy S2 should get the credit for this (read our Samsung Galaxy S2 review). HTC stands at the third spot, and you can easily understand why every player is fighting with the gloves off: Apple sues Samsung, and HTC […]

Motorola announces Droid Pro+
Motorola Droid Pro users, are you looking for an upgrade to your device but are unwilling to do away with the QWERTY keyboard? Well fret not as Motorola has just announced the successor to the Droid Pro, the Droid Pro+.

Courts in Netherlands grants Apple temporary injunction for Samsung Galaxy phones
A while back we reported that Apple was seeking not only to just ban the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in the Netherlands, but also the Galaxy series of smartphones by the Korean company. Despite the questionable evidence that Apple presented the German courts it appears that the courts in Netherlands has sided with Apple, and has issued a preliminary ban on several of Samsung’s products.

Apple wants to ban Samsung Galaxy smartphones as well in the Netherlands
If you have been keeping track of the recent Apple vs Samsung legal proceedings in the EU, you will probably know by now that the German courts have lifted the injunction after they realized that they did not have the power to do a blanket injunction of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, which means Germany is the only country in which the injunction is still in effect.

Sony announces Europe-only PSP E-1000
Instead of announcing more news about the upcoming PlayStation Vita, Sony decided to announce the launch of a new PlayStation Portable: the PSP E-1000 at Gamescon today. Designed for folks on a budget, the PSP E-1000 will only be available in Europe and will cost 99 Euros. It functions just like a regular PSP with one major caveat: it won’t have any WiFi connectivity. Games will be played on the […]

Samsung to appeal Galaxy Tab 10.1 injunction in Europe August 25th
The ongoing legal battle between Apple and Samsung has so far resulted in victories for Apple, with the Cupertino company managing to get the sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 halted in Australia and most of the European Union.

LG P220 laptop to be launched in Korea this month, Europe later
If you remember back in CES earlier this year, LG debuted a thin laptop with the model P220. The good news is that if you’re living in Korea and Europe, you will be able to get your hands on the slim laptop soon.

HTC Sensation Android 2.3.4 update rolling out in Europe
HTC’s powerhouse Android phone, the HTC Sensation has been reported to be receiving a tasty Android treat today. The OTA update for Android 2.3.4 is supposedly rolling out to owners of the phone in Europe, which means non-carrier branded versions of the device. The update will bump up the phone’s software to version 1.45.401.2 but most importantly it will give the phone Android 2.3.4 which brings some new features to […]