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US Open Will Use Drones To Help Provide Coverage
As we’ve said before, due to the small and lightweight nature of most drones and their relative ease of operations, it can be used by photographers and videographers to capture footage from interesting vantage points that might have previously been inaccessible unless by helicopter or plane.Now if you’re a fan of the US Open, which has been described by some as the “Super Bowl of gold”, you might be interested […]

Verizon Offers Up Its Cellphone Towers To Help With Drone Monitoring
As drones become cheaper, more powerful, and more accessible, it is only a matter of time before everyone gets one of their own, whether it be just for entertainment purposes like how one might approach R.C. cars and helicopters, or professional purposes when it is used for filming or photography, or commercial purposes where it could be used for deliveries.With so many drones potentially in the sky, it is only […]

FAA's New Drone Regulations Aren't As Strict As Feared
Over the weekend there was a leak that provided an early glimpse of the upcoming new drone regulations from the Federal Aviation Administration. When the FAA was deliberating on these regulations it was feared that the proposed rules would be very strict, at one point it was even reported that the FAA would require drone operators to have a pilot’s license, but that’s really not the case. FAA has now […]

FAA's Drone Rules May Not Come Until 2017
All eyes are on the FAA has it drafts rules for small commercial drones. It has already missed a deadline in August and the agency now feels that the delay could cause it to miss the September 2015 deadline for these new rules. A top FAA safety official, Peggy Gilligan, made these comments in front of a congressional House panel today, saying “We all agree that the project is taking […]


FAA Will Reportedly Require Drone Operators To Have A Pilot's License
The Federal Aviation Administration is expected to come up with its rules for commercial drones in the near future and a new report today suggests that the FAA will require commercial drone operators to have a pilot’s license. Moreover, these new rules may even restrict flight times to daylight hours.

Flight Attendants Challenge FAA's Approval Of Electronics During All Stages Of Flight
According to a report last year, the FAA finally relaxed the rules regarding the use of personal electronics during all stages of the flight. Previously passengers had to turn off their electronics during the takeoff and landing stages of the flight, but with the new ruling, passengers could use their electronics all the way through with no issue.However it seems that flight attendants have taken issue with the new ruling, […]

President Obama Will Reportedly Issue Executive Order On Drone Privacy
The Federal Aviation Administration is tasked with coming up with regulations for the use of commercial and personal drones in the U.S. and while its deadlines loom, a new report suggests that President Obama will issue an executive order in the meantime in order to develop privacy guidelines for commercial drones operating in the U.S. The order is reportedly going to put the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, a wing of […]

FAA Appeals NTSB's Ruling On Commercial Drone Use
Its safe to say that drones are here to stay, already extensively being used by the military, it is expected that commercial drones will play a major role in the not so distant future. The Federal Aviation Administration is to chart out formal rules for the use of commercial drones by the end of 2015, so all legal questions surrounding the use are a bit murky at this stage. However […]

FAA Clamps Down On Pilots' Personal Use Of Electronic Devices In Cockpit
The FAA may have warmed up to passengers’ use of personal electronic devices throughout all stages of the flight, meaning that you can continue to play Flappy Bird from gate to gate, its clamping down on pilots’ personal use of such electronic devices in the cockpit, in-flight. The new rules build up on the “sterile cockpit” FAA rule from 1981, which makes it obligatory for pilots to refrain from non-essential […]

FAA Wants To Create Safety Guidelines For Drones
We’re yet to welcome drones into our daily lives, but it seems that the future will be full of them. Drones have actually become quite popular, they’re now available in all shapes and sizes, controlling them is as easy as using an app on your smartphone. They’re right up there with model aircraft, which already have a huge fan following. Time and again it has been debated when the FAA […]

British Airways Now Lets Passengers Use Electronic Devices Gate To Gate
It took a long time, but a couple of weeks back the Federal Aviation Authority finally lifted the rules on use of personal electronic devices during certain stages of the flight such as taxiing, takeoff and landing. A number of major U.S. airlines have already adopted the new rules, allowing passengers to use their devices from gate to gate, provided that they’re on airplane mode. The European Aviation Safety Agency made […]

American Airlines Passengers Can Now Use Personal Electronic Devices Gate-To-Gate
The FAA previously did not allow airlines to let passengers use their personal electronic devices during certain phases of the flight, such as takeoff, landing and taxiing. Many passengers, particularly frequent fliers, have been irked by this restriction. After receiving recommendations from a 28 member advisory panel, the FAA finally decided to lift these restrictions last week. American Airlines has now received approval from the FAA to allow its passengers […]

Amazon Kindles Receive Discount To Celebrate FAA's New Rules
After months of deliberation, the FAA finally announced last week that it is going to relax restrictions on use of personal electronic devices such as tablets and e-readers during certain phases of the flight. Delta and JetBlue have become the first airlines to allow passengers to use their personal electronic devices gate-to-gate. To celebrate the FAA’s new rules with regards to electronic device use, Amazon has decided to offer several […]

JetBlue And Delta First Airlines To Allow Personal Electronics Use Gate-To-Gate
Just a couple of days back we reported that the Federal Aviation Administration has finally lifted restrictions that were previously in place, restrictions regarding use of personal electronic devices during certain phases of the flight. The decision comes after a 28 member advisory panel recommended the FAA to lift restrictions on use of personal electronic devices during takeoff, landing and taxiing. JetBlue and Delta have become the first airlines to […]

FAA Approves The Use Of Personal Electronics During Entire Flights
The next time you take a flight, you’ll be able to keep some of your electronics devices on during takeoff and landing as the FAA has announced they are officially lifting restrictions if previously had in place that would limit the use of such devices.

FAA Advisory Panel Approves The Use Of Personal Electronics On Planes
Earlier this summer, it was reported the FAA was planning to relax the personal electronics restrictions they had put into place for several years now, making it nearly impossible to listen to a portable music player or reading an ebook during takeoff or landing. It looks like the ball is starting to roll as the FAA advisory committee has just recommended that airline passengers should be allowed to use “smartphones, tablets, […]

In-Flight Electronics Ban Might Take Some Time To Lift
The FAA's recommendation to lift up the ban of electronic device usage on flights could be lifted.

FAA Expected To Relax Personal Electronics Restrictions [Report]
The FAA is reportedly preparing to relax restrictions on personal electronics use on aircrafts.

FAA Finally Lifts Boeing 787 Dreamliner Flight Ban
Boeing CEO said yesterday that he expects deliveries of the 787 Dreamliner to resume in mid-May. Only recently the Federal Aviation Authority had cleared the new battery system Boeing designed and had given the go-ahead to install said system on Dreamliner aircraft around the world. The 787 was grounded back in January after a series of fire related incidents caused by the battery system. Boeing successfully completed certification flight testing […]

Computer Troubles Force American Airlines To Ground All Flights
Your American Airlines flight is definitely not taking off on time. The airline is facing some major computer troubles which have forced it to ground all flights. AA requested the Federal Aviation Administration to ground all of its aircraft. The airline says that its flights are likely to remain grounded until 5:00pm E.T. The computer troubles don’t end here, they have also affected regional American Eagle flights.According to the statement on American […]