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2018 Golden Globes Red Carpet Show Will Be Live Streamed On Facebook
Twitter live streamed the Golden Globes’ red carpet pre-show last year. If you thought that the deal would go to the microblogging network again this year, you’d be mistaken. Facebook has landed the exclusive rights to live stream the 2018 Golden Globes red carpet pre-show. It has been confirmed by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and dick clark productions that the two-hour pre-show is going to be exclusively live streamed […]

Obama Warns Against Using Social Media Irresponsibly
Social media is a powerful tool where it can be used to quickly disseminate information. However just like all weapons, how it is used depends on the person using it, where in the wrong hands, it can be used to spread misinformation. In fact this is growing to be such a problem that former US President Barack Obama has recently spoken up about it.

Facebook Messenger Malware Secretly Mines Monero Digital Currency
As if websites trying to hijack visitors’ CPUs to mine digital currency wasn’t enough, a new report suggests that hackers have created malware that targets Facebook Messenger users in order to secretly mine the Monero digital currency. The malware is called Digmine and it was discovered by researchers at the Trend Micro cybersecurity firm. They claim that the malware is targeting as many machines as possible in order to mine […]

Facebook’s New Tool Help Users Check If They’ve ‘Liked’ Fake Russian Accounts
Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to tell which pages or people you follow on Facebook are who they say they are. Sometimes fan accounts have been designed to look like the official page of your favorite celebrity, which is why sometimes you might end up following “fake” accounts unknowingly.


Facebook’s Job Ads Used To Filter Out Older Applicants
It is no secret that as you get older, getting a new job can be tougher as companies usually favor those who are younger for a variety of reasons (unless the job position in question calls for decades of experience). However discriminating against age is actually illegal, but it seems that Facebook’s job ads are being accused of just that.

Facebook Users Can Now Upload Songs In Videos
Facebook users often find that the videos they upload are removed for copyright violation if they include a song. If they don’t own the rights to that song, Facebook will eventually remove their videos. That will no longer happen, as long as the rights to that song are held by Universal Music Group. Facebook has inked a multi-year licensing agreement with the massive music label which allows its users to […]

Facebook Changes The Way ‘Fake News’ Articles Are Displayed
While satire and fake news aren’t exactly new, the rise of social media means that spreading misinformation around can be a lot quicker and could to complications, especially if people start believing everything they read. Facebook has done things to help combat fake news, such as flagging articles as being disputed.

Facebook Will Now List Security Emails To Combat Phishing
Phishing is perhaps the most common way that hackers trick people into divulging their private information online. A person with unauthorized access to your Facebook account can do a lot of damage in this day and age. Facebook has now decided to list all of the security emails it sends users in a bid to combat phishing. Users will be able to see the security emails that they’ve received from […]

Facebook Uses AI To Help Visually Impaired ‘See’ Photos
Facebook’s AI and image recognition technology has improved greatly over the years, where nowadays it is smart enough to be able to detect your friends in photos and offering tag recommendations. Now it seems that Facebook will be leveraging that technology in order to better help its visually impaired users to “see”.

German Watchdog Claims Facebook’s Data Harvesting Is ‘Abusive’
It is no secret that Facebook knows a ton about us given that we seem to be more than happy with sharing our personal information with the social network, such as our names, age, birth date, job, school, photos, and so on. Also given how much Facebook is part of our lives, it’s hard to separate ourselves from it, despite some being unhappy with the data it collects.

Facebook Will Now Notify Users When Photos Of Them Are Uploaded
At the moment when someone uploads a photo of you onto Facebook, the only way you will know about it is if they tag you or if someone else tells you about it. However that could change in the future as Facebook has announced that they will begin using facial recognition to notify users when photos of them are uploaded onto the social network.

Facebook Spaces VR Experience Released For HTC Vive
Facebook launched its social virtual reality experience dubbed Spaces earlier this year. Given that it owns Oculus, it wasn’t surprising to see that Spaces was launched as an Oculus Rift-exclusive. The company today confirmed that it has added cross-platform functionality to Spaces. What this means is that HTC Vive owners can finally access Spaces and hang out with their friends who own a Rift in a virtual reality environment.

Facebook Introduces New Tools To Prevent Harassment
As part of its ongoing efforts to build a safe community, Facebook today announced that it’s now offering new tools to prevent harassment on Facebook and Messenger. The features have been developed based on feedback from users as well as organizations and groups that represent groups who disproportionately experience harassment like women and journalists.

WhatsApp Ordered To Cease Data Sharing With Facebook
CNIL, France’s privacy watchdog, has ordered WhatsApp to cease its data sharing with Facebook. It does that because Facebook is its parent company. WhatsApp has been given a month to comply with CNIL’s order, according to a notice posted on the watchdog’s website. It started looking into the data sharing practice after WhatsApp confirmed that it had updated its terms of service to notify users that it will share data […]