ff7Even a week after the announcement that Square Enix would be revisiting Final Fantasy VII and grace us all with a remake, the internet is still abuzz about the news and what kind of new features and changes we might expect. So far what we know about the game is that it won’t be 100% the same game which is good and bad.

However during an interview with Famitsu, the game’s director Tetsuya Nomura revealed some additional details. For starters Nomura appears to have confirmed that the game will indeed be an exclusive to the Sony PlayStation 4 at least at the start. “You’ll be able to play it first on PlayStation 4, that’s for certain. We’re not thinking beyond that yet, so after that is undecided.”

This does seem like a bummer for PC gamers and Xbox One gamers, but hopefully they will have a change of heart further down the road. Nomura also confirmed that the game won’t be just a HD remake, but rather full remake that will test the limits of what’s possible at the moment, claiming that it will be more realistic which we’re hoping is for the better.

He also claimed that as far as the addition of new characters are concerned, there will be none. Presumably this means that the story and characters of the remake should remain roughly the same, maybe with some new gameplay features and whatnot. In any case there’s still no word on when Final Fantasy VII will be released, but you can bet that we are excited about it.

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