Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. for the most part has a roster that features characters from Nintendo’s franchises, like Mario, Luigi, Wario, Kirby, Princess Zelda, Link, and so on. However in an interesting twist, it looks like Nintendo has officially announced that Cloud from Final Fantasy VII will be making his debut in the game.

We know what you’re thinking and the rest of the internet has the same reaction. Judging by the various comments and tweets by gamers, it looks like everyone is freaking out that Cloud, the Cloud from Final Fantasy VII will be arriving on Super Smash Bros. as a playable character. In fact Nintendo even made a little dig that Cloud’s oversized sword in their announcement.

“Grab your ridiculously oversized sword! Cloud from Final Fantasy VII is coming to #SmashBros as a playable fighter!” It seems that there will two versions of Cloud that gamers can choose from, the regular version we see in FF7, and another version which is basically Cloud from Advent Children.

As as you can see in the trailer above, this upcoming update will include a new stage based on the city of Midgar from Final Fantasy VII. Unfortunately there is no release date for both Cloud or Midgar, but you can bet we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for it. In the meantime check out the video above if you’d like to see some Cloud gameplay.

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