Wi-Fi connectivity has proved to be quite the lifeline for many a road warrior when working out of the office, and at home, we have seen our fair share of smart appliances such as Samsung’s Smart Window (albeit a prototype) and LG’s smart fridge in the past, so for now we will see how the humble fireplace gets an injection of technology. The Wi-Fi fireplace from Escea is certainly a rarity – after all, who would have thought that the humble fireplace would get updated with such technology? I guess it makes sense when you think about it – when winter knocks on your door, huddling around the fireplace as a family is normal, so why not take advantage of a Wi-Fi connection while you are at it? An iPhone app has been launched to let you control the fireplace, so there is no need to look for the remote to adjust the temperature’s settings. I suppose Santa has a master controller so that the next time he slides down the chimney of such a high tech fireplace, he will ensure it is not hot enough to singe his new suit (and beard).

There are two models available – the DX1500 and DL850, where the DX1500 can capture up to 90% of the available heat, returning it to the room thanks to Escea’s Heat Duct technology. As for the DL850, it comes with a 9 kW of heat output and is ideal for the average size home.

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