Planika Fire Line Automatic fireplace looks stunning

Planika’s latest Fire Line Automatic fireplace is one unique piece of home decoration that you might want to consider installing – if you have the financial means, that is. After all, this fully automatic fireplace sports a large LED display which can be operated via a remote control. The fireplace itself offers freedom to play with its design, letting you display it any way you want to. Among the unlimited arrangements include from mounting into a wall, onto a shelf or used as a see-through or fee-standing fireplace. As for the burner itself, it is made of stainless, acid proof steel with a powder-coated base. The appliance is shock-proof and CO2 sensitive, where a warning signal and alert will appear on the display while extinguising the fire automatically in case of a disturbance. Definitely a talking point if you decide to have one of these puppies grace your living room this holiday season.

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