Striker Light Mine Professional helps you work in tight and dark spaces

For those who are being summoned by the missus every once in a while to fix something in the house that has plenty of nooks and crannies, you might want to think of a lighting solution that is far more efficient than biting on the metal end of a flashlight while your fingers concentrate on the task at hand. Enter the Striker Light Mine Professional that would also add a dash of play when you work – just throw it (or rather, roll) under the table if you need to hammer some nails in and you’re good to go – after all, this light comes in a ball shape and 11 Neodymium power magnets that allows you to place this light on virtually any metal surface – and we know that homes have plenty of metal everywhere. Alternatively, you can always place it strategically to have the light shine on where you want it to precisely. The Striker Light Mine Professional sports eight white LEDs on one side, while a quartet of red “night vision” LEDs are located on the other side. For $20 a pop, it certainly adds a new dimension to your DIY and fix-it adventures around the home.


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