Living on a piece of land that is right smack along a fault line is definitely a courageous thing to do – as you can never quite tell just when the earth is about to shift its fault line(s), causing a massive earthquake along the way. Folks in Japan should be used to earthquakes by now, as one needs to live in constant vigilance where disaster preparedness is concerned. Having said that, owning a flashlight (or two) would be essential, but in the event of a power cut after an earthquake with your stuff all jumbled up, locating that flashlight could prove to be more of a problem than anything else. Good to know that there is an invention that might just help, thanks to Tokyo’s Force Media group who thought up of a Gura-pika flashlight/radio hybrid with hand crank power generating capability.


This device will have its radio tuner working always, and whenever it receives emergency warnings broadcasted over Japan’s Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) system or its Emergency Warning System (EWS), the flashlight will then spring to life automatically, while sounding an alarm, so that you can locate it easily. It is said that when fully-charged, this LED flashlight can last for up to 14 hours of illumination, with the radio working for half a dozen hours.

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