heat-flashlightI clearly remember back when I was still 15 – I spent my afternoons at the library, and from time to time, mixed that up with trips to the local arcade under pretext of having a group study with my friends. I guess group study could be said to be somewhat accurate, as we were all trying to discover how to kick off an infinite combo on the opponent in Capcom’s Marvel Superheroes, while having a great disdain for Tekken players whom we deemed to be less technical. Of course, I have since seen the errors of my ways, and do acknowledge that players from both sides of the divide do have they own strengths and intricacies to deal with.15-year old Ann Makosinski, however, is on to far larger things. She is a student with Canada’s St. Michaels University School, and has come up with a flashlight which runs on the heat generated by that of a human hand.

This achievement of hers has seen her being picked to be one of the 15 finalists for Google’s global science fair, now how about that? This heat-powered flashlight came about after being inspired by Peltier tiles, where those happen to be devices which create energy whenever one side is heated and the other side is cooled. The entire cost of her project? A mere $26.

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