Flashlights are designed to illuminate our paths, which is the most basic of its functions. There are a few flashlights out there that attempt to play more than one role, but perhaps this emergency situation flashlight concept by Junwon Yang is the most straightforward and practical flashlight we’ve seen.


As great as it may be to illuminate the path ahead of you, what happens when you’re the one that has been designated to lead the group out of a dark room or cave? While you may see where you’re going, the people following behind may have a harder time which is what this concept is attempting to correct.

The emergency situation flashlight will have lights that shine out of both ends, with the front projecting light ahead as per normal, while the rear end of the flashlight will be slanted at a 45-degree angle (as pictured above) which should be enough to shine at your feet, making it easier for those following you to see where they’re going.

Unfortunately this remains a concept although we’re completely not opposed should someone decide to turn this into a reality!

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