T-Mobile introduces Samsung Galaxy S2

It looks like last week’s news about the announcement turned out to be true. Today, T-Mobile has given a release date for one of the most anticipated Android phones arriving on the network: the Samsung Galaxy S2. Already out on Sprint’s network and coming soon for AT&T, we finally have a release date for T-Mobile’s version. T-Mobile’s Galaxy S2 will feature a 4.52″ Super AMOLED Plus display, a 1.5GHz dual-core […]

Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S2 HD gets LTE goodness

We know that Samsung’s Galaxy S2 is doing gangbusters at the moment, having sold more than 10 million units worldwide with no signs of stopping, but those living in South Korea are already treated to something better – the LTE-enabled versions of the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S2 HD. Yes sir, this is South Korea’s first LTE 4G LTE smartphones, running on a dual-core 1.5GHz processor with a Super […]

Samsung Galaxy S2 gets Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread ROM leaked

SAM Firmware alongside some of those who were involved in the DarkyROM have stepped forward with a rather interesting titbit of news – we’re talking about a leaked version of Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread that sports a build date of September 15th, and this particular ROM is meant for the Samsung Galaxy S2. Interestingly enough, most of the Galaxy S2 units out there, if not all, still run on Android 2.3.3 […]

Samsung Galaxy S2 supersedes 10 million mark in global sales

Just to prove a point that not everyone on this planet is waiting for the iPhone 5 which is slated to arrive early next month, here is news that Samsung’s Galaxy S2 has already broken the 10 million mark in terms of global sales. Of course, haters would say that this is because the new Galaxy S2 owners have not given the iPhone a chance, but that’s another story for […]


AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S2 kernel source code released

Last week we reported that Sprint’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S2, the Epic 4G Touch, had its source code released pretty much on the same day that the device was released, and only a few days later we saw the device get rooted. The good news for developers not using Sprint’s Epic 4G Touch is that even before the device has been released, AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S2’s source code […]

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 almost here?

The Samsung Galaxy S2 has been released on Sprint and announced for AT&T, which means that only T-Mobile’s variant of the Android phone is the only one that’s missing (Verizon won’t be carrying it). Well, for folks who’ve been waiting for the phone to arrive, the wait is almost over. Earlier last month when Samsung unveiled all three US versions of the Galaxy S2, T-Mobile didn’t give a release date […]

AT&T Galaxy S2 arriving October 2

The Galaxy S2 has been out in the rest of the world for quite some time now, and the Epic 4G Touch went on sale last week, the AT&T and T-Mobile version is still nowhere to be seen. Fortunately for AT&T subscribers, the wait is about to come to an end. In an official tweet posted today, AT&T announced that the Galaxy S2 will be available starting October 2nd.The Samsung […]

Samsung Epic 4G Touch torn apart

If you’re keen on finding out the differences between the European Galaxy S2 and the Epic 4G Touch on Sprint, what better way to do it than to examine the insides of both devices? After all, both phones are pretty similar on a software level, but they could be different beasts underneath their hoods. Well, thanks to the folks over at iFixit, we won’t have to do the dirty work […]

Epic 4G Touch Review

Epic 4G Touch Review – This very detailed review of the Epic Touch 4G covers the pro and cons of Sprint new phone based on the Galaxy S2 platform

Samsung Epic Touch 4G source code released

It was only earlier today that we reported that Sprint’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S2, the Epic Touch 4G, would be available today. If you thought that was good news, for developers out there and those who enjoy custom ROMs, perhaps this is even better news as Samsung has released the source code for the handsets.Granted it would require the handset to be rooted first before anything can be […]

LG LU6200 handset leaked

If the recent leak of an LG device is to be believed, for those looking for an alternative to the Samsung Galaxy S2, this could be the device you are looking for. Photos of the LG LU6200 have recently surfaced and it looks like it will be exclusively available in South Korea during its launch, with no word if it plans to go global somewhere down the road.

Sprint Epic 4G Touch available today

The that Android fans have all been waiting for is finally here – the arrival of the first Samsung Galaxy  S2 phone in the US, the Epic 4G Touch is now available for you to get your hands on. Released a few months ago in other parts of the world, folks in the US can finally enjoy dual-core, Super AMOLED Plus goodness, with WiMAX and unlimited data too. The Epic […]

Samsung Overtakes Apple in Smartphone Sales [Europe]

According to IDC, Samsung has surpassed Apple in European smartphone sales by shipping 4.8 Million units, compared to Apple’s 4.6M units. Samsung had a strong momentum before, but clearly, the Samsung Galaxy S2 should get the credit for this (read our Samsung Galaxy S2 review). HTC stands at the third spot, and you can easily understand why every player is fighting with the gloves off: Apple sues Samsung, and HTC […]

SK Telecom to introduce NFC SIM card for $40

When it comes to NFC in our mobile devices, unless you’re living in Japan where NFC is incredibly popular and widely used, it’ll be hard to find devices come enabled with them. High end devices like the iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S2 (non-Korean version) usually don’t come with NFC built in, but if you’re living in Korea and you’re curious about NFC and want to use it with your […]