Samsung Galaxy S2 officially confirmed for ICS 4.0 update

This one was a given, but we can’t help but love it when it has been officially confirmed. The Samsung Galaxy S2 has been officially confirmed by Samsung UK to receive the Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 update, although there was no dates mentioned, apart from the promise that they will keep us posted.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE + Free Galaxy S2 Bundle

Samsung and AT&T have just announced that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 with LTE will be available from AT&T on November  20. The twist however, is that AT&T customer who purchase a Galaxy Tab 8.9 with LTE (and a 2-yr contract) will receive a Galaxy S 2 Skyrocket (LTE) or a Samsung Galaxy S2 at no extra cost. Now, if you’re thinking of jumping on-board , don’t forget that AT&T’s […]

TI OMAP-powered Samsung Galaxy S2 quietly goes official

We already know that the T-Mobile Galaxy S2 doesn’t sport the same Exynos processor as the other Galaxy S2 phones, and now it looks like we’ve got one more variant of the Galaxy S2 to add to the mix. The folks over at have reported that Samsung has quietly launched a new Samsung Galaxy S2 phone in Asia, which features the TI OMAP4430 processor instead. This version of the […]

Samsung Galaxy S2 goes pink in Korea

Back in September 2010, Samsung’s flagship Android phone, the Galaxy S, received a pink makeover in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S Femme edition. Well, it looks like its new flagship device this year is about to receive the same treatment as well. The company has just launched the pink version of the Samsung Galaxy S2 in South Korea. Other than the face and back of the phone given […]


Shadowgun works with a PS3 controller on a Galaxy S2 [hack]

We’ve previously seen Shadowgun played on a “TV console” thanks to the help of an Acer Iconia tablet and an Xbox 360 controller, and now some folks have managed take it up a notch by making it run on a Samsung Galaxy S2 (Shadowgun is designed for Tegra devices) with a PlayStation 3 controller wirelessly over Bluetooth. Obviously root access is needed to get it to work, but judging by the […]

Samsung confirms Ice Cream Sandwich for Galaxy S2 and other devices

If you own a Samsung device and you’re wondering whether it’s going to get Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Samsung Italy has the answer for you. According to Italian tech blog,, Samsung Italy has confirmed which devices will be getting the very pretty Ice Cream Sandwich update. Judging by the list that has been confirmed so far, things don’t look too promising for owners of older Samsung Android phones. […]

T-Mobile Galaxy S2 source code released

Following the footsteps of AT&T a few weeks ago, T-Mobile has made the source code of its high-end Android device, the Samsung Galaxy S2, available for the public to download. While this won’t mean much to a large number of users at the moment, it’s bound to get the developer community excited. Consumers who are looking forward to load up their Galaxy S2 phones with custom ROMs can expect them […]

iPhone 4S drop test vs Samsung Galaxy S2

Now here is some food for thought, where the iPhone 4S squares up against the older Samsung Galaxy S2 in a drop test organized by the folks over at SquareTrade. Each handset was subjected to three drops – first from waist height, second drop from shoulder height, and the third drop would be face down. As you can see from the image above, the iPhone 4S’ display, Gorilla Glass and […]

Samsung Galaxy S family goes beyond 30 million in sales

Apple and Samsung might be involved in a rather huge legal tussle at the moment, what with the fruity company managing to successfully block the sales of select Samsung devices in Australia as well as other parts of the world. This however, has not stopped the South Korean consumer electronics giant to sell more than 30 million units of Galaxy S devices worldwide – with the first generation Galaxy S […]

Firmware update for AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S2 leaked

If you’ve recently gotten your hands on AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S2, it looks like a firmware update for your device has already been leaked and is available for download, assuming of course your device has already been rooted. For those who would rather avoiding rooting or don’t know how to root, based on this leak, we don’t expect the actual update to be too far behind. The build has been […]

Samsung Galaxy S2 goes for nearly nothing Down Under

Samsung decided to be a wet blanket at the iPhone 4S‘ launch in Sydney, Australia, employing the classic price cut strategy. Oh, and what a cut it was! We’re talking about Samsung advertising the Galaxy S2 just down the road form Sydney’s Apple Store (a rented place, no doubt about it), where the first ten people in line at the Samsung Music Hub awareness shop will be able to bring […]

Larger icons arriving on Korean Galaxy S2 phones

Samsung has announced a nifty new update for Korean versions of the Galaxy S2 Android smartphone. One of the main features of the update is the unofficially named “Senior Mode”. This update gives Galaxy S2 owners the option to enable larger icons on their phones, making them easier to see and locate. While having a big screen usually means more space for more icons, this feature will help those without […]

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 benchmarked

The T-Mobile Galaxy S2 will go on sale October 12th, but before it can even reach consumers nationwide, somebody managed to get their hands a working unit and benchmarked the phone. And if you’re wondering why these benchmarks are interesting – it’s because unlike the AT&T and Sprint Galaxy S2, the T-Mobile variant does not sport the same Exynos processor as the its nearly identical brothers. So how does the […]

iLuv announces a whole range of Samsung Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S2 accessories

If you’re looking for some accessories to go with your brand new Galaxy S2 phone or Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Tab 8.9 tablet, you’re in luck. Mobile accessory manufacturer, iLuv Creative Technology has announced a partnership extension with Samsung to bring a whole bunch of new accessories for Samsung’s flagship Android products. Ranging from audio accessories, cases, films and power solutions – you can find all you need to dress […]