GameA rapper named Game (formerly known as The Game), could be in trouble over a Tweet that he sent out last Friday – which caused the Compton police station’s hotline to jam up. Game had allegedly sent out a tweet to his 580,000 followers saying that if they wanted an internship they should call a phone number. But the phone number he provided wasn’t to his office or agent – rather, it was the phone number of the Compton police station hotline.

At 5.23pm on Friday, the phones at the station started ringing, jamming the hotlines for more than two hours, with people asking about getting a music internship. While it may seem like a hilarious prank, during those hours, there were people dealing with legitimate issues trying to call in for help. These issues included a missing person, spousal abuse and two robberies.

It took multiple requests from officials before Game removed the phone number of the police station at about 11pm at night, but by then the damage was already done. Game claimed his account was hacked, and then also said it was an accident. But whatever the cause, he shouldn’t have taken so long to remove the offending tweet from this account. Investigators are now going over what happened, combing through the details of the event, and will be presenting the facts over to the district attorney’s office next week.

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