The abuse of drugs in professional sports to gain an advantage over the rest of the competition is something that has yet to be fully weeded out simply because it is nigh impossible to happen. Well, an athlete might not be tempted to walk on the Dark Side as he or she can always put on the Cooling Glove. Just what does the Cooling Glove do? At first glance, it looks like a high-tech oven mitt which has been proven to boost sports performance to levels beyond the scope of steroid users, and colleges as well as professional teams who have heard of it have already started to adopt this new technology for their athletes.

The Cooling Glove is made out of plastic, where it will cool a network of veins in human palms which normally function as radiators to help the body expel heat, and this is the approach that Stanford University News took. This cooling method seemed to have erased muscle fatigue regardless of the exercises performed, be they pull-ups, bench presses, running or cycling. The Cooling Glove comes with an airtight seal which enables it to create a slight vacuum, allowing the veins to expand and draw in more blood for rapid cooling via circulated water in the glove lining. It does make me wonder just how many more gold medals Michael Phelps would have picked up at this year’s summer Olympics if he had the Cooling Glove to help him out.

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