Golfing enthusiasts who are keen on improving their game but want to do so without being humiliated by a trainer, now have a solution in the form of the world’s first digital golf glove. Called the SensoGlove, this smart glove does all it can to ensure you have the perfect grip on your golf club before you even take a swing. Smart sensors on the glove monitor your grip pressure around the golf stick, and a little screen on the glove lets you know which fingers are gripping too tightly and so on. The perfect gift for people who don’t like to be told by other people that what they’re doing is wrong. Father’s day present anyone? The SensoGlove is available for men and women in both left and right hand configurations, with sizes from small to x-large and are priced at $89 (replacement gloves are $25 – you can even remove the monitor to use the SensoGlove as a regular golf glove). SensoGloves can be purchased here.

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