If there was one thing that I loathe about touchscreen devices during winter, it would be this – you will still need to expose your fingers to the bitter cold when you want to send a text message to someone, simply because there are no physical buttons to rely on. SMK Corp. might change all of that in the future with their capacitive touch panel which can be operated using nothing but gloved hands.

Strangely enough, it will target in-vehicle devices like car navigation systems instead of smartphones, I would have thought that smartphones would be the more logical choice since you can be nice and warm in your car instead of standing freezing to death in a blizzard while still needing to answer a call or send an email. Ah well, perhaps they have their reasons for doing so.

SMK managed to improve detection sensitivity through the use of a chip which can support high-sensitivity detection while using a sensor panel structure that has a high resistance to noise so that malfunctions caused by noise are consigned to the history heap.

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