gearth-tourWe have seen some interesting projects done by Google Earth in the past, such as taking you on a voyage to the sunken Titanic, but this time around, the folks over at the Internet search giant has come up with a new and improved ocean viewing experience. This sure as heck sounds a whole lot better compared to some cheap hotel rooms that claim they offer an ocean view, only for you to realize that you need a telescope to catch a glimpse of the ocean. Technically true, but still…

With the improved ocean viewing experience on Google Earth, no longer will you see the ocean floor in the form of blurred photos, but rather, you can catch the upgraded images with crisp details and topography. A sneak preview was introduced over the past weekend, those who have a penchant for details would also appreciate the fact that additional details concerning the seascape will be provided, such as ocean charts and depth. Obviously, Google worked alongside NOAA’s National Geophysical Data Center and the University of Colorado CIRES program to garner all of that information.

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