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Better Call Saul Series Premiere Free On Google Play
One of the most talked about shows on TV right now is AMC’s Better Call Saul. If that name rings a bell that’s because this is a Breaking Bad spin-off, people who have seen the insanely popular show will remember Saul Goodman who is an eccentric lawyer. The show has already premiered on AMC but if you missed out on that no worries, Google Play is offering the very first episode for […]

Google Play Not Blocked On Firefox, Its A Bug
It was reported earlier today that Firefox for Android can no longer be used to access Google Play. Many people posted screenshots online of Google Play returning a “this browser is no longer supported” error when they tried opening Google Play through Firefox on an Android device. Initially many thought that this is Google’s response to Mozilla dropping it as the default search engine on Firefox but that’s not the case. Google […]

Google Play Beats Out iTunes In App Downloads, But iTunes Still Leading In Monetization
In the early years of the battle between iOS and Android, Apple had the bragging rights in terms of the number of apps available in the iTunes App Store as Apple held the lead for quite a while. However over the years and with Android becoming more prevalent, the Google Play Store has caught up.In fact recently in a report from analytics firm App Annie (via Re/code), it seems that […]

HTC Internet Now On The Google Play Store
HTC has been working slowly but surely in letting its fair share of proprietary apps appear on the Google Play Store – and the latest component to join the ever growing family there would be their very own browser. This means you can now get HTC Gallery, HTC Clock, HTC Lockscreen, and HTC Weather, among others, over on the Google Play Store. The latest addition, HTC Internet, has made the […]


The Interview Becomes Google Play And YouTube's Top Selling Movie As Well
Sony Pictures made an interesting decision by choosing to release The Interview online where users could either stream it via Sony’s dedicated website or through other channels like Google Play and YouTube. So far we know that the handset has proven to be quite a hot seller via Sony, but as it turns out the movie has also become a top seller on both Google Play and YouTube.This was confirmed […]

Roku Now Able To Play Content From Google Play
As far as streaming set-top boxes are concerned, there are many options to choose from, such as offerings from Google in the form of Google TV, Amazon’s Fire TV, and Roku, just to name a few. You would think that they would all be competitors since they basically offer different sorts of content, but perhaps not.According to a recent announcement by Roku on their blog, it has been revealed that […]

The Wolf Among Us Finally Released On Play Store
If you’re a fan of mobile gaming and would rather download titles from the Google Play Store as opposed to any other source well then this news will certainly interest you. The Wolf Among Us, a game developed by Telltale Games, was initially released for Android only through the Amazon Appstore. Now though, after four months of being exclusive to Amazon’s Appstore, The Wolf Among Us has finally been released […]

Google Fit Now On Google Play
Google looks to be a company that intends to make its way into various aspects of life, including the potentially rewarding health and fitness arena. In fact, Google Fit, which was rumored to be Google’s entry into the health segment, has now appeared as an app officially on Google Play. This has taken several months to happen, where it has been some time after the Google Fit SDK was rolled […]

Google Play Now Lets Users Pre-Order Digital Copies Of Movies
As much as we’d all love to be able to head to the cinemas and check out the latest shows, some of us just don’t have that much time. Some might also prefer the comfort of their own home, their own TV, own sound system, own snacks, and so on. Well it seems that Google is trying to make it easier for you to enjoy the latest movies.Google has recently […]

Google Play Store With Material Design Screenshots Leaked
We expect that in the coming weeks or months that Google will be releasing the next major update to Android – Android L. The update will bring about a host of changes and new features that Google will be introducing to the Android operating system, as well as introduce a new design language called “Material Design” that Google will be implementing across the platform.Now we’ve seen Google slowly introduce the […]

Shazam And Google Play Offers A Better Experience Now
It looks like those who wished to see Shazam exhibit more “muscle”, so to speak, in the world of Google’s Android mobile operating system, will finally get to see their wish come true. What does Shazam offer this time around? Basically, whenever you Shazam a track on your smartphone or tablet (either way, they ought to run on the Android platform, off course), you will be able to purchase said […]

Google Play Movies Now Available On Chromebook Anytime, Anywhere
Say old chap, you happen to own a spanking new Chromebook, and apart from getting some work (word processing and the like) done on the cloud with it, what else do you happen to make use of your Chromebook for? Perhaps it is time to get entertained while you are on the move, as we have just received word that the new Google Play Movies and TV Chrome app happens […]

Madison For Android Declares War On In-App Advertisements
Developers often offer ad-free and ad-supported versions of their applications. This way they can continue to earn money without leaving a subset of users out. Those who want to pay for the app can do so and not see any ads. Those who don’t want to pay have to bear ads, through which developers make money. Though we can all agree that in-app ads are often infuriating and deteriorate the user […]

Google Play Music Integrated Into Sonos
Sonos has just integrated Google Play Music in order to deliver seamless streaming to speakers and players down the road. This new method of controlling your music at home, all the while curating and managing an array of services across various rooms, will be accompanied by other benefits such as playing your music to Sonos directly from the very same services. Google Play Music was selected by Sonos to be […]