jay-z-magna-carta-597x335By now we’re sure many of you guys are aware of the fact that hip-hop mogul Jay-Z is the owner of music streaming service Tidal. While the platform does hold a lot of promise, especially to those who are extra particular about the audio quality of their music streams, Tidal does not appear to be gaining the same amount of traction compared to the likes of Spotify and Apple Music, just to name a few.

Perhaps in a bid to encourage users to hop onto Tidal, Jay-Z appears to have pulled more of his albums off non-Tidal platforms. This was noticed by the folks at Pitchfork who discovered that Jay-Z’s albums, The Blueprint, The Blueprint 2, and The Blueprint 3 are gone from the likes of iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, and Amazon.

Prior to this, Jay-Z had also pulled his debut album Reasonable Doubt from non-Tidal services, which means that in addition to these three albums, there are at least four albums belonging to him that are no longer available if you do not use Tidal. Spotify has since confirmed to Pitchfork the removal of the albums.

According to the spokesperson, “Jay Z’s Blueprint albums have not been available on any streaming service except Tidal for a few months now. We hope he brings them back soon so that his millions of fans on Spotify can enjoy them again.” That being said, Jay-Z’s other albums are still available so you can go ahead and stream those if you want.

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