Google is an Internet Search company with profits mainly derived from its AdWords advertising program. Google is also known for other high-profile web-related products such as Chrome, GMail, Google Docs or Google Map, and it has also made a very successful entry into the mobile handset market with its Android mobile operating system. The company was created in 1998 and went public in 2004. Google is one of the most visited site in the world.

Call Recording Won't Be Possible On Android 9 Pie
Amid reports that Android 9 Pie might bring a native call recording feature, the reality actually appears to be on the contrary. It won’t be possible for users to make use of call recording apps if their handset is running Android 9 Pie. Google has made some changes in its latest software update to prevent third-party apps from working.

Google Acknowledges Quick Charger Issues With The Pixel XL
The other day after Google rolled out the Android 9.0 Pie update to their Pixel phones, it became apparent that there was an issue with it because Pixel XL owners started turning to the forums to complain about how their quick chargers stopped working. However the good news is that it looks like Google is aware of the issue and are working on it.

Google Assistant ‘Face Match’ Feature Spotted In APK Teardown
Ever since Apple introduced Face ID to the iPhone X last year, the rumors have been running rampant that Android OEMs are expected to follow suit. To date we have yet to see an OEM offer up a similar solution to what Apple has, but could Google be next? According to a recent APK teardown by XDA, there are signs to suggest that they could be.

Apparently Google Continues Tracking Users Even When Told Not To
It has been said that (depending on where you are) pressing the crosswalk button to make it turn green is nothing but a placebo, designed to give users the feeling that they are in control. Could the same be said for privacy settings? In a report from AP, it’s starting to feel that way with Google.


Users Are Reporting That Their Nexus Players Are Mysteriously Dying
Several years ago, Google launched the Nexus Player which was basically Google’s attempt at their own set-top box to rival the competition like the Apple TV. Safe to say that it was not the resounding success that Google had hoped for as the company has pretty much stopped bothering with it since.

Pixel XL Runs Into Quick Charger Issues After Android 9.0 Pie Update
Due to the fact that it is part of Google’s Pixel smartphones, the Pixel XL was one of the first few Android smartphones to receive the Android 9.0 Pie update. Unfortunately it seems that the update came with some problems because according to the Google Issue Tracker (via PhoneArena) website, it seems that some Pixel XL owners have run into quick charger issues following the update.

Chromebooks Might Be Able To Dual Boot Windows 10 In The Future
There are clear advantages to running Chrome OS compared to other platforms like Windows or macOS, such as Chrome OS being a more lightweight operating system which means that you should be able to squeeze out more battery life from a Chromebook versus a laptop running on Windows.

Google Will Lose Out On $50 Million From Fortnite Bypassing The Play Store
As some of you might know, Google takes a cut from apps and in-app purchases sold via the Google Play Store. This was also one of the reasons why Epic decided to bypass the Play Store with Fortnite Battle Royale because considering how much the game is reported to be making on iOS, it means that Epic would have to pay Google just as much, if not more.

Google Acknowledges Epic’s ‘Fortnite’ Isn’t On The Play Store
Epic had previously confirmed that Fortnite Battle Royale for Android would not be launched on the Google Play Store, and would instead be made available via other means. Google has typically encouraged users to download apps through the Play Store for security purposes, although the company has remained oddly silent about this, at least until now.

Google’s Cameos App Will Let Celebs Answer Questions About Themselves
Have you ever had a question about a particular celebrity? We’re sure many of us do and one way of finding out would be to do a search on the internet. However sometimes the answers we get are second-hand information which don’t come from the person themselves, which means that it might not be as reliable as we would like.

Google's Digital Wellbeing App Now Available As Public Beta On Play Store
Google revealed new Digital Wellbeing features for Android P at I/O 2018 earlier this year. It released Android P as Android 9 Pie a few days ago but mentioned that these features will only be available in beta for now. Those who wanted to test them out first had to sign up for the beta. Google has now released Digital Wellbeing as part of a public beta on the Google […]

Android 9.0 Pie Will Enable ‘Turn On Wi-Fi Automatically’ By Default
While WiFi is generally a preferred connection compared to mobile internet, sometimes it is understandable that you might want to turn it off. For example there might be times when the WiFi is spotty, or the free WiFi at a certain place isn’t good enough, so disabling WiFi and using mobile internet is one way to go about it.

Google Might Have Been Working On Their Return To China For Years
For many years, many tech companies and web services were not allowed in China or have voluntarily withdrawn themselves from the country, such is the case with Google who has been absent in the country for the past decade. However recently there have been talks that Google is planning on making a return, and apparently this has been in the works for years.

Google Maps Could Be Getting Customizable Car Navigation Icons
Given that Google Maps and Android are under Google’s umbrella, it would actually make sense for Google to bring new features to the Android version of Google Maps first. However that doesn’t seem to be the case, at least not for some features because you might recall back in May, Google launched a new feature for Google Maps on iOS that introduced custom navigation icons.