AppStore logoBad news for folks who use police-evasion apps on their iPhones. A group of US senators have asked apple to remove apps that help folks evade police and other law enforcement checkpoints that have been set up to catch folks driving under the influence of alcohol. According to them, 10,000s of Americans die in drunk-driving crashes every year, and apps that alert users about DUI checkpoints are harmful to public safety. Apple hasn’t responded to the request yet, but it looks like it’s in a sticky situation. Removing such apps would get them on the good side of the government, but it would upset the thousands of people that use such apps on their phones. After all, not everybody wants to be caught in police checkpoints regardless of how sober they are. And one could also say that if a person was drunk enough, he/she probably wouldn’t even remember to check for checkpoints before driving. What do you think about such apps on the App Store? Do you think that Apple should be removing them?

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