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Zeal Optics Z3 GPS Goggles let you record your ski runs
While most people wear goggles to keep their eyes protected when they’re out skiing, for some folks it just isn’t enough. Zeal Optics has announced the introduction of its new goggles that come with built-in GPS. Called the Z3 GPS Goggles, these goggles enable users to capture their position wherever they go. Want to plot a map of all the areas you’ve conquered while skiing? These goggles are just for […]

Samsung Galaxy S2 used in Ford e-bike concept
Electric bikes are handy, especially for those who prefer not pedaling all the way to work and reach all sweaty in the process. Now, if you weren’t a fan of e-bikes back then, perhaps this e-bike concept by Ford may cool enough to convert you.

Music guides cyclists in experimental navigation system
Music does many things – it soothes the soul, it calms the mind, heck, if technophiles have it their own way, it can even assist cyclists in the future navigate around. After all, relying on visual navigation might be fine if you’re in a car, but whenever you are on a bicycle, this is definitely a huge distraction and could prove to be dangerous since shifting your focus away from […]

Find My iPhone used in Chilean search and rescue operation
While location data and tracking may be frowned upon due to their invasion of privacy, it seems that there are more noble uses for it. In recent news there has been a report on the Chilean airplane crash, where the plane attempted two landings but failed and was then blown off course where it crashed.


North Korea GPS jamming device has 100km range
The reclusive country known as North Korea is said to be in possession of a GPS jamming device that can disrupt signals that occur across a wide area, in fact, including those that are more than 100km away. To date, the North did disrupt signals in South Korea from Kaesong and Mt. Kumgang several times already, and the communist country has also deployed vehicle-mounted jammers that are capable of disrupting […]

Microsoft sued after collecting WP7 location data without permission
Apple was on the receiving end of some heavy handed flak for their location-based tracking services, and Microsoft might be walking in their shoes right now after a recent class action lawsuit that was filed in a Seattle district court claims that Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating system also collects users’ location data, and to make matters more intringuiing – this happens despite users being given the chance to opt […]

Karelog Android app lets you keep tabs on your partner's whereabouts
Guys and girls beware as there is an Android app that has been released in Japan that will allow your significant other to keep tabs on you – without your knowledge!

TomTom announces iPad optimized version
Good news TomTom users, it appears that the popular navigation app on the iPhone has finally been optimized for the iPad, as pictured above (image credits: Giiks). It seems that TomTom has been paying attention to what their users want and have finally come up with the iPad optimized version.

TomTom GO LIVE 1535M With Travel Apps and Twitter
The market have been tough for GPS makers since smartphones are doing the same job by integrating efficient location technologies and offering a broad choice of navigation applications. Even TomTom has its own iPhone app that has been recently updated (version 1.8- June 2011) to include TomTom HD Traffic compatibility; TomTom HD traffic is available via in-App purchase for  $19.99.At Ubergizmo, we have predicted that more and more devices will […]

Garmin Edge 200 Cycling GPS makes it easier to track your progress
Looking for a way to see how effective your bike rides are, but don’t want to carry your expensive smartphone around with you? Garmin has come up with the Edge 200 Cycling GPS for that very purpose. Lightweight and stylish, the Edge 200 has a high-sensitivity GPS receiver, requires no calibration, can be easily set up and removed, and is resistant to all types of weather.The Edge 200 functions as […]

Tagg Pet Tracker will alert you by email/text when your pet wanders off too far
There are probably people out there who treat their pets as more than just animals, even treating them as though they are family, so we can only imagine the pain and anguish they must feel when they lose their pets who may have wandered off and have gotten lost. Given that GPS dog collars aren’t exactly new, the Tagg Pet Tracker has added its own take on the existing technology.

Bracketron's Cradle-iT Golf Cart Mount
Do you happen to play golf a lot? If you do, you probably use the golf cart quite a bit to travel from hole to hole, and if you needed to mount your smartphone on your golf cart for GPS or entertainment purposes, perhaps Bracketron has something for you that might be able to serve those purposes.

GadgetTrak helps authorities track stolen phones
It looks like thieves need to be a little more careful the next time they decide to steal a smartphone. The folks over at GadgetTrak, the creators of the smartphone tracking software, have reported that their software is currently leading authorities to a thief suspected of stealing a smartphone from a Sprint store.

Gundam-themed navigation app
Bandai Namco has announced that they they will be rolling out a Gundam-themed navigation app that is available only for iPhone users who reside in Japan. This particular navigation app will enable one to travel from one destination to another, and along the way, experience an occasional random encounter with virtual enemy forces. You will be able to actually progress in terms of character statistics by levelling up while picking […]