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Developer Modifies USB Cable To Wipe Your Laptop When It’s Yanked Out
We’re sure that many of us have misgivings about leaving our laptops out in the open in public spaces and walking away, maybe to get something or go to the bathroom, out of fear that it might be stolen. However, developer Michael Altfield might have created the perfect solution for that in the form of a modified USB cable.

Back In The Day, Soviet Spies Bugged An American Embassy Typewriter
These days, thanks to malware and the fact that everything is connected online, spying seems to have gotten a lot easier, where information like keystrokes, files stored on servers, and data being transmitted can be easily intercepted. However, back in the day when things were largely offline, it can be a lot harder.

Wyze Camera Breach Exposes 2.4 Million User Data
Want to furnish your home with a home security camera? There are plenty of smart options these days, one of which being Nest which is one of the more popular models around. However, Nest cameras do not come cheap, which is why many were understandably excited when a couple of years ago, Wyze launched a $20 alternative.

Amazon Sued Over Ring Devices Being Susceptible To Hacks
Smart home devices are fantastic inventions. They let us remotely control our lights, doors, home appliances, and more. It can also be automated which could also potentially be great for energy savings. However, the problem with smart home devices is that because they’re connected to the internet, it means that they are also susceptible to hacks.


Chinese Hackers Have Reportedly Managed To Bypass Two-Factor Authentication
Two-factor authentication is something that many companies are recommending that users use. This is because it is a lot more secure compared to the traditional username and login combo, where an additional one-time password/code is generated to authenticate the user, meaning that even if your password is compromised, hackers still can’t get into your account.

Macy’s Confirms Data Breach That Leaked Credit Card Details
It is worrying that we are seeing more systems getting breached these days, especially from huge retailers and hotel chains that have a lot of customer information stored, such as personal details like names, email addresses, date of birth, and in some cases, even credit card details. Unfortunately, it looks like Macy’s is the latest victim of such breaches.

Disney Plus Accounts Hacked In Less Than A Week After Its Launch
So Disney Plus was only just launched but it seems that in less than a week, the service has since been hacked where thousands of Disney customers have had their accounts compromised and stolen, where they have appeared on the dark web where they are available for purchase.

How To Turn On Two-Factor Authentication For Your Google Account
These days it’s no longer enough just to have a password to protect your online accounts, which is where two-factor authentication comes in handy. Check out this guide to learn how to enable the security feature for your Google account.

Newly Discovered Android Malware Can Survive A Factory Reset
Malware on our smartphones isn’t new, and while there are ways to remove them, in some instances where it is particularly severe, the only way to deal with malware would be to factory reset your phone back to the way it was when it was new. Unfortunately, it seems that there is a new Android malware making its rounds that makes it impossible to remove, even with a factory reset.

Robots In Japanese Hotel Chain Found To Be Vulnerable To Hacking, Could Spy On Guests
Japan is a country that loves its robots where we’ve seen various industries take advantage of it, where it can be used as a greeter in stores or as a way to help passengers find their way around the airport. We’ve also seen how some hotel chains in the country are using robots to help guests check in.

NordVPN Officially Confirmed That It Was Hacked In 2018
NordVPN is a quite popular VPN service which helps enhance online security and privacy. However, with the recent confirmation on the hack officially, a lot of users have been disappointed.In their blog post, they addressed that their services were compromised due to a breach in one of their servers in Finland.They found out about the breach a few months ago but decided to announce it only after their whole network […]

Hacker Hacks Hackers Who Ransomwared His Computer
Ransomware, for those unfamiliar, is where your computer’s files get encrypted by someone else and to decrypt them, you’ll need to pay the hackers a ransom to get the decryption keys. A ransomware hack that seems to be making its rounds is the Muhstik Ransomware, in which the hackers typically demand a payment in Bitcoin, worth around $700, to get your files back.

iTunes Exploit Allows Hackers To Install Ransomware On Your PC
If you’re using iTunes on your Windows PC, then you might want to update to the latest version ASAP. This is because according to recent findings by security firm Morphisec, it seems that they have discovered a zero-day vulnerability in iTunes for Windows which if exploited, would have allowed an attacker to install ransomware on your PC through the software.

Hackers Modify Chrome And Firefox To Track Secure Web Traffic
There is a reason why companies like Google are trying to push for more websites to use HTTPS is because it helps to secure your web traffic. It helps to prevent attackers from interfering with the data transferred between the website and your browser. Unfortunately, a report from Kaspersky has revealed that Russian hackers might have found a way to track secure web traffic.

Beware! Realistic iPhone Lightning Cables That Can Hack Your Device Will Be Mass Produced And Sold
Back in August, we reported that a security researcher had put together a very realistic-looking iPhone Lightning cable that when plugged into an iPhone, would allow hackers to remotely access the device. It was a proof of concept at that time, but now a report from Motherboard has revealed that the cable will be mass produced and sold.

New iPhone Exploit Could Result In A ‘Permanent’ Jailbreak
Jailbreaking iOS devices is like playing a game of whack-a-mole with Apple. This is because for every exploit that jailbreakers use to jailbreak iOS devices, Apple will eventually patch it, leading to that particular jailbreak become redundant. This could also be why over the years, jailbreaking has become a lot less popular than ever due to the hassle involved.

How To Use A Password Manager
With the number of hacks we’re hearing about these days, perhaps it might be a good idea to start considering more complex passwords to protect your account, and here’s how password managers can help.

Twitter Temporarily Disables The Ability To Tweet Via SMS
Recently, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey had his Twitter account hacked. Apparently how the hackers managed to gain access to his account and send out some hateful tweets from it was through the “tweet to SMS” feature, which for those unfamiliar, allows users to send tweets via SMS instead of having to go to Twitter’s website or use the app.

Massive Database Of Facebook Users’ Phone Numbers Found Online
During the early days of social media, many of us probably never really thought too much about handing over personal information to these platforms, assuming that they would never be used against us, or what kind of implications there might be for giving away this kind of details on the internet.

Zero Day Android Exploits Now Cost More Than iOS, And That’s A Good Thing
Back in the day, iOS was seen as a more secure operating system compared to Android. This was due to Apple’s walled garden approach, where iOS devices could only run apps that were explicitly approved by Apple. This is versus Android which was more open, where you could find and install apps outside of the Play Store.