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Honda Unveils A Self-Balancing Motorcycle
Maintaining your balance on a motorcycle at fast speeds is considerably easier compared to driving at slower speeds, especially if you own a particularly big and heavy motorcycle where balancing it at slower speeds might be tricky. However Honda wants to solve that problem by announcing their new Riding Assist technology.

What To Expect At CES 2017Editor's Pick
The Consumer Electronics Show 2017 or CES 2017 is almost upon us (January 5-8, Las Vegas), and while many of you are preparing your New Year’s Eve, the electronics industry is gearing up for its most high-profile event of 2017 – the show’s 50th anniversary.Below is what we think you should expect from the show, but we highly recommend that you follow the hectic unfolding of CES on Ubergizmo, daily, […]

Takata Expected To Settle Airbag Incident For $1 Billion
If you have owned a Honda car in the past few years and have been asked by the company to send your car in to replace its airbags, this is because it is due to the faulty airbags installed in Honda cars (amongst others) by Takata, which we reported about earlier this year in which the company was forced to recall tens of millions of defective units.

Honda In Talks To Use Waymo’s Self-Driving Technology
Given how long Google has spent developing its self-driving technology and tested it out without much incident, it makes sense for companies to want to use that technology instead of having to develop their own from scratch. This is something that Honda is considering as they have announced that they are in talks with Waymo to use its self-driving technology.


Honda Unveils Hybrid Motor That Does Not Use Rare Earth Metals
If you’re looking to do your part for the planet, opting for a hybrid or electric car is one way to do so as it consumes less fuel in the case of hybrids, and pretty much no fuel if you’re going full electric. However at the same time, the motor does impact the environment in other ways as they do require the use of rare earth metals.

Regulators Warn Owners Of 300,000 Honda Cars To Stop Driving Them
Earlier this year, Japanese carmaker Honda announced that they would be recalling 2.2 million of their cars due to an issue with its airbags which are manufactured by Takata. However it seems that isn’t the end of the story. US regulators the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has advised more than 300,000 Honda owners in the US to stop driving their cars.

Honda's Fuel Cell Car Will Also Be Available In Hybrid And Electric Versions
Honda has announced today that it’s Clarity fuel cell car, which runs on hydrogen, is also going to be available in plug-in hybrid as well as full electric versions. This wasn’t the plan initially but Honda appears to be taking a bold approach with this unique car. It’s going to launch the fuel cell version of the Clarity first later this year while the plug-in hybrid and full-electric versions will […]

Honda’s Acura NSX Supercar Gets The Pulse Racing
Honda is no stranger to churning out quality sedans for the family, but when it comes to quickening the pulse of the driver, there has been classics like the Honda S2000, as well as the NSX supercar. Well, it seems that Honda’s Acura luxury brand might very well be on the receiving end of something that is set to get your pulse racing – and bank account lighter, if you […]

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Car Goes On Sale
It was back at the Los Angeles Auto 2015 that Honda showcased the Clarity, it’s new fuel cell sedan, and earlier this year the company confirmed that the Clarity will be sold through selected dealers in the United States. If you’re of those people who are excited about the future of transportation and open to the idea of owning a fuel cell car then you’d be interested to find out […]

Honda Recall Expands To 2.2 Million More Cars Because Of Takata
Takata’s faulty airbag inflators have proven to be a major headache for some of the biggest car manufacturers on the planet. They have had to recall millions of units to make sure that those faulty inflators don’t end up costing someone their life. It has been a very costly process and it’s far from over because the Honda recall has now been expanded to 2.2 million additional Honda and Acura […]

Honda's Fuel Cell Car Will Be Available This Year
Even though electric cars get touted as brilliant and highly eco-friendly the fact remains that there are other eco-friendly options when it comes to cars of the future, fuel cell cars being one of them, but they’re not as popular as electric cars. Some of the world’s biggest car manufacturers are working on fuel cell cars, Honda is one, and it has confirmed that its Clarity hydrogen fuel cell sedan […]

Australian PM And Honda's Asimo Snaps Selfie
While robots in this day and age have not quite achieved the kind of sentient level that science fiction movies love to portray, this does not mean that there has been no progress in the robotics department. Honda’s Asimo, for instance, has improved by leaps and bounds over the years, and most recently had a selfie snapped alongside Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

HondaJet Now Cleared For Takeoff
It was only a couple of years ago that the prototype model of the HondaJet moved from testing to production prior to completing its maiden flight. Back in May last year the Honda Aircraft Company revealed the first production HondaJet and since then many other tests have been conducted. Things have been progressing quite nicely because the HondaJet has now been cleared for takeoff.

New Honda S2000 Rumored To Be In Development
Honda saw a considerable amount of success with its S2000 roadster, it ceased production of this car in 2009, but the S2000 still remains a sought after vehicle in the used car market with buyers opting for it because of its sporty style and great performance for a car of its kind. Rumor has it that a new Honda S2000 is being developed, and that the one that’s released in the […]