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HP Teams Up With Designer Michael Bastian For New Smartwatch
When it comes to smartwatches these days, safe to say that most designs leave a lot to be desired, except for the Moto 360 which looks more like a fashion statement than a smartwatch. Well if you’re in the market for another stylish smartwatch, you might be interested to learn that American designer, Michael Bastian, has teamed up with Hewlett-Packard to create a smartwatch that is expected to debut this […]

HP's Cheap Windows Laptop To Pressure Chromebooks This Holiday Season
At Microsoft’s partner conference today the company’s COO Kevin Turner announced that this holiday season HP is going to release a $199 laptop that runs on Windows. This would take Windows into Chromebook territory as the latter has already seen a surge in its adoption due to the fact that many Chromebooks are very competitively priced. This isn’t Microsoft’s first move to move into the low-end segment of the market. In […]

HP Could See New Slate Devices As Rebranded Huawei Tablets
HP has had rolled out its fair share of tablets in the past, and while they have not exactly burned up the sales charts in the same vein as that of the iPad from Apple, it does not mean the lack of phenomenal success is going to let HP throw in the towel. It looks like there will be more tablets coming our way from HP, although they do seem […]

HP Slate 17 Might Be In The Pipeline
It does look as though that HP is currently working on a brand new all-in-one desktop/tablet that will feature a 17” display. If this were to be a 17” tablet, then you can be sure that it is not going to be light at all – no sir! While we have already seen the HP Slate 21 released a wee bit more than a year ago, here is the unannounced […]


HP Slate 8 Plus Specifications Leaked (Rumor)
While we do know that HP is working on a successor to the Slate 8 tablet (what you see on the right happens to be a HP Slate 8 Pro device), calling it the HP Slate 8 Plus, it would be nice to have more information to work with where this tablet is concerned. For starters, it seems that an alleged specifications sheet has been leaked which you can check […]

HP Chromebox On Sale For $179
HP is a name that is familiar to all of us when it comes to desktop computers as well as notebooks, and this time around, the company’s maiden attempt at a desktop computer which will be powered by Google’s Chrome OS is now up for sale for $179 a pop. Known as the HP Chromebox, this is a diminutive desktop that will run on an Intel Haswell processor, sports 2GB […]

HP Leap Motion Keyboard Launches For $99
Leap Motion emerged on the scene in 2012 with its motion sensor called the Leap. It claimed that the sensor was 200 times more accurate than existing technology at that time. The sensor is roughly about the size of a pack of gum and connects to a computer through USB, being able to track all ten fingers of a user to within 1/100 of a millimeter. If having that sensor on […]

HP Unveils The Split X2 Notebook And Tablet Hybrid
The folks at HP have unveiled a couple of new products today which include the Split x2. The name might sound a bit unusual but its actually quite literal. You can “split” the device and get the best of both worlds. Basically its a notebook/tablet hybrid. There’s a handsome choice of processor options available so its not like users will be strapped for speed. Since they’re not tied to the keyboard dock they […]

HP Announces New Android Laptop And Chromebook
HP today announced two new notebooks both of which are powered by software made by Google. First up is the company’s new Chromebook. It teamed up with Google last year to launch the Chromebook 11 which was praised a lot for its design and vivid 11.6-inch display. The company follows that up with the new Chromebook PC. It also has an 11.6-inch display like the Chromebook 11 but the design language is much […]

HP's Deal With Beats Will End Later This Year
Now that Apple’s intentions to acquire Beats for $3 billion has been made official, what will happen to Beats’ current partnerships with other OEMs? We’re pretty sure Apple can’t be too thrilled at the idea that their soon-to-be acquired technology is being used by their competitors, right? Well we guess all good things have to come to an end, as HP has confirmed that their deal with Beats will end […]

HP Instant Ink Program Expands To The UK
Don’t you just hate it when your printer runs out of ink? For some reason this usually happens at the most inopportune moments, like when you have a report to submit by the end of the day and you only have 5 minutes left, or if you have a huge school assignment that needs to be turned in in the next hour.Well we suppose that’s what printer ink levels are […]

HP 7 Plus Tablet Makes Its Way Stateside For $100
Tablets come in a variety of different sizes and prices, but if you were in the market for something small and affordable, HP has you covered in the form of the HP 7 Plus Android tablet. The device was announced and launched in Europe a few months ago, but it looks like the device has finally made its way stateside where it is selling at a very affordable $100.That being […]

HP Chromebox Packs Quite A Punch
We have seen other companies roll out a Chromebox from their respective stables, and here we are with computer manufacturer HP doing the same as well. The HP Chromebox might be small in stature, but it is big on performance, being a tiny desktop computer which has been specially designed in order to run Google’s Chrome operating system. HP has plans for not solely one, but a couple of such […]

Leaked HP Tablets Show Off Thick Bezels
I know that the world is more or less moving in the direction of “slim is in” when it comes to industrial design and the ilk, as we have seen some strong evidence of this in the different kinds of flat screen TVs that have been announced over the years, where screen sizes get larger while bezels begin to shrink. @evleaks has tweeted over the weekend on a new Android-powered […]