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HP EliteBook Revolve G2
HP launched the EliteBook Revolve G1 hybrid PC last year and today, the company announced its successor, the HP EliteBook Revolve G2. The second generation features the exact same chassis and gets a hardware update with the 4th generation of Intel Core i3/i5/i7 ULT processors. The new features include an improved pen experience with an improved palm rejection technology. The hand writing solution is provided by Atmel.Since it is the […]

HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G1
HP launched its new flagship business notebook the HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G1. At 15.9 mm, it is the thinnest Ultrabook in the Elite portfolio, according to HP which claims that it is also 16.1 percent thinner and 7.3 percent lighter than the previous generation.Although the 14-inch device is getting really thin, it still passes the MIL –Standard drop test (30-inch, 24 drops) and the MIL-STD 810G for battery durability. […]

HP ProDesk 600 and 800 Are Tiny Business Desktop PCs
Although desktop PCs are not really the flavor of the month in terms of “wants” from employees, they remain one of the more cost-efficient compute methods. Since it’s hard to make those desktop PCs “sexy”, it looks like HP is trying to make them as invisible and cost-efficient as possible by introducing an updated ProDesk series. The 600 G1 pictured above is the smallest of them and can be connected […]

New HP Classmate Notebook PC
HP has just announced that it will introduce a new Classmate PC Notebook, which is an “affordable” laptop for schools with a worldwide target audience in mind.  Of course, this computer has low-end specifications to make it affordable enough, but one of the more important aspects of a Classmate PC is that it comes with specific software like the Intel Educational Software suite. Those programs have been designed especially to […]


Police Arrest Man For Stealing Copper From Site Of Apple's New Campus
Apple has already unveiled its plans to build a “spaceship” campus on a site previously owned by Hewlett Packard. It would be Apple’s second biggest campus in Cupertino, the company already has its headquarters at One Infinite Loop. The company currently plans on demolishing the structures present on the site before it starts building its new campus. A man was arrested recently from the site, reports a CBS affiliate in the […]

HP Slate7 Plus, Slate7 Extreme, Slate8 Pro, Slate10 HD Prices And Specs Revealed
Back in September, we reported that HP has four new Android tablets. The full specs of the tablets weren’t available then, neither were their prices, but the good news is that if you were wondering about these tablets, HP has posted them on its website where the full specs of each tablet has been revealed, along with their prices, all of which appear to be relatively affordable, with the most […]

HP Chromebook 11 Sales Stopped, Overheating Chargers To Blame
We did report earlier on concerning the number of HP Chromebook 11 units which were yanked off the shelves of Best Buy as well as other retailers. Back then, not a single reason was given at all, but it seems that time has proven to be the great teacher yet again as we discovered that the reason these Chromebook 11s were removed from store shelves is this – overheating chargers, […]

HP Omni 10 Carries Its Own Weight Fairly Well
HP is still in the computing game, just in case you were wondering, as they have not resigned themselves to just churning out scientific calculators. In fact, there is a new tablet from the folks over at HP, where it is known as the HP Omni 10, and it has already appeared on the Microsoft Store which presents the HP Omni 10 in all of its Windows 8.1 glory, including […]

Two HP Slate Tablets Hit The FCC
The folks over at the FCC have been on the receiving end of a couple of tablets from HP, which means we could be looking at new Slates in the coming holiday season. For starters, there is the HP Slate 10 HD tablet that will run on a Marvell PXA986 processor, where it will be accompanied by a 1,280 x 800 pixel display. Hmmm, that does not sound quite right, […]

HP Reportedly Looking To Sell Off Some Mobile Patents
HP, a company known for their computers and printing solutions, have attempted to enter the mobile space in the past through smartphones and tablets, although safe to say that their efforts did not pay off. In a bid to bolster the company’s financial position, HP’s CEO, Meg Whitman, has been reported to be looking for buyers of some of its mobile-related patents. As it stands these negotiations are reportedly private […]

HP Slates 7-HD, 7-Extreme, 8-Pro and 10-HD Cover Full Android Spectrum
Slate 7 HDHP is definitely supporting the Android eco-system with a wide range of devices ranging from an affordable 7” to a larger 10” tablet. The Slate 7 is a small tablet that comes bundled with T-Mobile HSPA+ network access data included for 24 months (details TBD) and the same model also works in various places worldwide. Since it is HSPA+ instead of LTE, it is much easier to support […]

Newest HP Spectre 13 Ultrabook Has Extended Trackpad
We’ve been impressed by HP’s Spectre line up for a while, and this new Spectre 13.3” Ultrabook keeps the flame alive and well. At around 3lbs, it is constructed out of aluminum and feels very high quality when you hold it. For reference, I think that it feels sensibly better than my Macbook Air 13, which is probably the other aluminum design that most people know about.

HP Spectre 13 x2: Detachable Tablet With Haswell CPU
With the Spectre13 X2, HP aggressively pursues its detachable tablet strategy by deploying a high-quality design based on Intel’s Haswell processor. The Spectre13 x2 comes with a keyboard dock that integrates an additional battery which can push the overall battery life to 10.5 or 11 hours, according to HP, although I have to point out that the company won’t be able to provide final numbers before the final version of […]

HP Pavilion 13 x2 and Pavilion 11 x2: Hands-On
In 2013, we are going to see a lot more detachable tablet designs, since the weight, battery life and size requirements are all the object of noticeable progress. While the first generation of devices had prices going well into the $900 or $1000 territory, 2013 will be the year where that form factor reaches a mass market pricing.And that’s really where the HP Pavilion 11 X2 comes in: with a […]