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HP Unveils New Pavilion All-In-One PCs
When it comes to all-in-one (AIO) desktop systems, many always refer to Apple’s iMac as being a system that is not only functional, but beautiful to look at. However it seems that perhaps HP could be ready to give Apple a run for its money as the company has taken the wraps off its new Pavilion AIO desktop PCs.

HP Envy 34 AiO Review
The 2017 edition of the HP Envy 34 Curved All-in-One (AIO) is radically different from last year’s model. Although the 2016 design was clean and interesting, this year’s version takes things to the next level with design choices that are both pragmatic and aesthetic. The complete computer (with monitor) weighs 24 Lbs and has dimensions of about 18.5 × 32 x 8 inches. We took this premium computer for a […]

HP Omen X Compact Desktop Redefines Wearable VR
HP is expanding its Omen lineup of gaming machines today with the addition of the Omen X Compact Desktop. The company is looking to redefine wearable VR-ready PCs with this product. It may be a tiny package but it packs considerable performance, making it a great option for people to take a full-fledged gaming machine with them on the move.

HP Launches new Spectre x2 And Envy Models
Microsoft is conducting an event in Shanghai tomorrow where it’s expected to announce a new hardware product. HP has gone ahead and announced its new hardware products today. New HP Spectre x2 2-in-1 and Envy notebook models have been announced. The Spectre x2 comes with a slightly redesigned exterior as well as improved specifications under the hood.


HP Spectre X360 15 Review (2017)
Building on the design of the 2016 HP Spectre X360 15 laptop, HP has pushed this model further with the addition of the latest Intel processors, a discrete graphics chip, a larger battery capacity and many more features. At the same time, this computer retains and improves upon the excellent industrial design that made its predecessor popular. Add to this a relatively aggressive pricing, and you have a 15.6” laptop […]

HP Patches Keylogging Bug In Some Laptops
It was discovered earlier this week that the audio driver in some HP laptops had a keylogging bug which basically recorded every single keystroke that the user does on their machine and stores them in a log file. It appears to be an issue of implementation on part of HP and not some nefarious scheme to record users’ keystrokes. The company is now sending out a patch to kill the […]

Keylogger Found In Some HP Audio Drivers
Keyloggers are programs that are used to log every single keystroke on a computer. Yes, these programs can be used in a variety of legitimate ways, but they’re commonly used by hackers to steal information from their victims. While I’m pretty sure HP has no such intention, a Swiss infosec firm called ModZero has discovered that some HP audio drivers contain keyloggers.

HP Cortana Speaker Confirmed
Amazon’s Echo devices have been very successful so far, no wonder the company keeps on adding new products to the lineup. Microsoft is looking to compete against the Echo devices by working with its OEM partners on smart speakers powered by its virtual assistant, Cortana. HP has confirmed today that it’s building its very own Cortana speaker.

HP And Acer Unveil Windows 10 S Computers Starting At $299
Microsoft has officially announced Windows 10 S today. It’s a new lightweight version of Windows 10 that’s going to run on cheap hardware. It only runs sandboxed apps from the Windows Store and does have the ability to be upgraded to a full version of Windows. Many PC manufacturers will make their own Windows 10 S computers. HP and Acer are the first to unveil their new Windows 10 S […]

HP Pavilion x360 Series Refreshed With New Processors And Pen Support
HP today announced that it has refreshed its entire Pavilion x360 series and the new notebooks come with new Intel processors as well as support for pen input. An optional IR camera is being offered as well which will enable users to take advantage of the Windows Hello feature of Windows 10.

HP Elite x3 Price Cut By Microsoft
If you’re looking for a really powerful mobile device that’s powered by Windows 10 Mobile and has the ability to provide full PC-like functionality, look no further than the HP Elite x3. This is a really niche device that’s meant for people who want access to their Windows apps and services on the go and wouldn’t mind getting some work done by hooking up the smartphone to an external display […]

HP Chromebook x360 11 G1 Education Edition Unveiled
The thing about giving laptops or tablets to students is that sometimes students can be a bit careless, or don’t value such gadgets as much especially if they haven’t purchased it with their own money. This means that schools will have to deal with having to replace or repair gadgets due to carelessness.

Ubergizmo’s Best of MWC 2017
Another Mobile World Congress Conference (MWC) is ending. The 2017 Edition was exciting, and there was ample new tech to look at during this crazy week. Here are the products we thought were the most interesting at the show, sorted in no specific order. You find them to be available in many markets in the weeks to come, in the meantime, we provide a first look for most of them. […]

HP Elite x3 Successor Spotted At MWC 2017
HP launched its first Windows-powered smartphone in quite some time several months ago. The HP Elite x3 is a niche device given that it’s geared towards professionals who basically want to walk around with a device in their pocket that can provide PC-like functionality when hooked up to an external monitor. The handset will be due for a successor in the near future and it appears that the company showed […]